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How to Prepare your Appliances for Moving

We hope you are enjoying the summer! Things are heating up in the moving season. Our customers are packing, prepping, planning and moving. One question we often get is, “What do I need to do with my appliances before they are transported to my new home?”.  Very good question!

Find your answers here- How Do I Get Appliances Ready to Move?

And remember to hire Carey Moving & Storage to do the heavy lifting!

Stay cool!



Moving Out of Your Parents’ Home

So you did it! You got the job you were waiting for. You saved up your money and now it is time to fly the coup. Moving out of your parents’ house can make you feel a bit nervous. You counted on them for years to handle the running of the home and paying for the home. Now it will be up to you. That can be exciting and fun too, to finally set up home independently and enjoy blossoming in your own style and taste.

Here is an article we found on Moving.com-How to Move Out of Your Parents’ House in 13 Easy Steps.

We hope you find it helpful in planning your move out. We wish you all the best! If you need any moving or storage help, you can count on Carey for your solutions.


Can You Afford to Buy a Home?

Do you want to move?

Do you wonder how you will afford a new home?

Are you looking for information about what you need to do to buy a home?

Check out zillow for a look at how to afford your future home. Their article How to Actually Afford to Buy A Home in America provides great information about all you should consider if you are thinking about embarking on the American dream of owning your own home.

We hope you find the article helpful. When it is time to move, be sure to give Carey Moving and Storage. We know all the ins and out of moving and can make the process easy for you!

Good Luck!




A Storage Unit Could Be Your Solution

  • Do you need to declutter before putting your house on the market?
  • Do you want to free up space in your garage or basement?
  • Do you have seasonal items to store until you need them again?
  • Are you moving but your new home is not ready for you yet?

Renting a personal storage unit could be your best option for any of the above reasons and many others. Portable storage can be an option as well.

We would like to invite you to read more about the storage we offer at Carey Moving & Storage.

We can help you determine the size you need and break down the cost for you. Store your belongings in our clean and secure storage facility and free up your space!



Lower Stress When Moving

Carey Moving & Storage aims to help our customers lower their stress levels throughout the moving process. Moving doesn’t have to be so overwhelming.

We invite you to read this article 4 Things to Do to Eliminate Stress When Moving House  from The Spruce. We bet you feel a bit better just reading through this.

And don’t forget! Carey can help with packing, storage, and transport. Just give us a call and let us handle the rest!


Kids Moved Out? What to do With the Spare Room

Did your kids recently move out?

Empty nesting time! When your children leave, you may find yourself with a spare room or two. After you move through all the memories and feelings surrounding this huge change, you can plan what to do with the extra space. This is an opportunity to expand your interests or create a sanctuary space that is just for you.

What to do with that room? There are many possibilities. If you are having a hard time day dreaming the space into being, why not read this great article-6 Ways To Re-Purpose Your Graduate’s Old Room found on Homes.com.

Enjoy this next phase of your life. You deserve it! And if you need moving labor to empty the bedroom and move in the new things you will enjoy there, call Carey Moving & Storage with office locations in Asheville, Charlotte, Greenville, Knoxville, and Spartanburg. Leave the heavy lifting to us!



Moving to a Bigger Home?

Have you outgrown your home and planning to move to a bigger home? Perhaps you’re family is growing or you just want more space. We found this fun article on Zillow about how to make the most of your new space. You won’t want to skip reading this one. Great tips on what to consider when growing into your new larger home. Read Your New, Bigger Space: 5 Ways to Win at Upsizing Your Home.

Carey is here for all your moving and storage needs! Congratulations on your new home!

Moving in Summer? Beat the heat!

Well summer is just about here! It happens to be the busiest move season of the year. It is also the warmest time of the year. We want to be sure you and your movers are prepared for the heat while moving.

Carey Moving and Storage would like to share this article-9 Tips for Moving in the Summer Heat provided by realtor.com. Great ideas for keeping cool, comfortable and healthy on a hot summer move day.

Our moving crew has plenty of hot summer moving experience, so why not leave the heavy lifting and packing to Carey! Call today and we will make your summer move a breeze!

How to Avoid Moving Stress

Welcome Back!

Well the best way to avoid moving stress is by hiring a legitimate professional mover like Carey Moving and Storage!

But aside from that, it is really important to be aware of your move stress and take some steps to alleviate your anxiety and fatigue. We found this great article on Moving.com, 10 Ways to Stay Happy & Healthy During a Stressful Move.

We hope you find the list helpful in managing your stress through your move process.. Contact Carey Moving & Storage to take care of the rest!