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    Movers in Charlotte, NC

    Are you searching for movers in Charlotte, NC, to help you conveniently and successfully complete your relocation? If you need trusted Charlotte movers, the answer is Carey Moving & Storage.

    Carey is a full-service moving company in North Carolina that provides packing, moving, and storage services tailored to your needs. Our team of moving professionals can give you the best experience possible thanks to their knowledge and expertise, which allows our customers to have positive, stress-free relocations.

    Since 1907, we have offered premier moving solutions to our valued customers. Although we started in Spartanburg, SC, we have since expanded to offices in Asheville, NC, Charlotte, NC, Greenville, SC, and Knoxville, TN. This broad scope allows us to provide the most efficient solutions to more customers seeking relocation help.

    No matter if you’re moving near or far, Carey Moving & Storage can get your belongings where they need to go with the utmost care and safety. We have also served as one of the founding members of Allied Van Lines since 1928, which empowers us to transport your items easily all across the United States.

    Throughout our 115 years in business, we have worked diligently for generations to leave our customers happy and satisfied with our services. To expand our impact, we’ve grown our network of agents to nearly 1,100 agents in the United States and Canada, as well as 300 Allied International agents. You can count on Carey as your trusted movers in Charlotte and beyond, as we place priority on reliable solutions and customer satisfaction above all else.

    Carey Moving & Storage’s comprehensive menu of services includes local and long-distance moving, commercial relocation, residential relocation, vehicle transport, senior moving, warehouse and portable storage options, and much more.

    By providing our customers with a wide array of services, we can more accurately meet their needs. Our trusted professionals can work hand in hand with you to ensure our solutions are customized to your moving goals, providing you with the best outcomes for you.

    About Charlotte, NC

    Interested in moving to Charlotte, NC? Carey Moving & Storage is prepared to help. Charlotte is a vibrant and rapidly growing city located in beautiful North Carolina. It is the largest city in the state and has a strong, diverse economy that includes healthcare, energy, technology, and finance. The city is known for its beautiful skyline, world-class museums, and diverse cultural offerings.

    Visitors can explore the NASCAR Hall of Fame, Mint Museum, and the Bechtler Museum of Modern Art, among other attractions. Charlotte is also home to the Levine Museum of the New South, which offers a deep dive into the history of the American South and its ongoing evolution.

    In addition to its cultural offerings, Charlotte is also known for its beautiful parks and outdoor spaces. The city has over 200 parks, including Freedom Park and the Little Sugar Creek Greenway, which provide excellent spots for folks to go for a run or ride their bikes.

    A major advantage of living in Charlotte that draws many new residents is its relatively low cost of living. The city’s housing costs are lower than many other major cities in the United States, making it an attractive option for those looking to buy a home or rent an apartment. Paired with the strong economy in Charlotte — which serves as the home to several Fortune 500 companies — moving here is extremely appealing.

    Why Hire Movers in Charlotte

    If you’re considering moving to the Charlotte, NC area, you might be considering whether or not you should rely on the assistance of a moving company in Charlotte. Although professional movers aren’t a necessity for relocation, there are plenty of perks when you work with trained moving personnel.

    First and foremost, when you rely on a local moving company such as Carey Moving & Storage, you count on experts who know the area well and can provide solutions backed by years of knowledge and experience. This simply can’t be replicated and is a valuable asset as you complete a relocation.

    Additionally, professional movers are able to save valuable time for you throughout your Charlotte move. Our trusted staff can help you save time by packing your belongings, loading them onto the truck, and transporting them to your new home.

    To enhance your North Carolina, move even further, we also have the proper know-how to keep your items safe and protected in transit, minimizing the chance of any damages sustained while your belongings are transported. Overall, depending on a professional moving company can reduce your stress throughout your relocation.

    Carey Moving & Storage – Your Trusted Charlotte Movers?

    When you need highly rated, dependable Charlotte movers, count on a company you can trust. Count on Carey Moving & Storage. Our team of friendly moving professionals is excited about the opportunity to transform your move into a smooth, stress-free experience, and we work with you to ensure your needs are met.

    Whether you need to move down the street, across the country, or to a different continent, Carey is prepared to help you and make this your easiest move yet! Ready for your Charlotte move? Request a free quote online today, and discover more about our services at competitive rates!


    No need to consider other Charlotte moving companies once you find the best-Carey! Ready to deliver with an honored tradition of customer care!


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    Carey FAQ

    When it comes to booking your professional movers, the sooner you book, the better. Ideally, you should book at least 2 months in advance, as this will provide you with the most flexibility and the lowest rates. However, during the off-season, you will likely be able to get away with booking under a tighter time crunch.

    Yes, tipping your movers is customary for relocation of any size. A reliable rule of thumb is to tip $5 to $10 per mover per hour. For a full-day, large move, providing a tip between $50 and $100 per mover for the entire day is ideal. This is a great way to thank your movers and provide them with compensation for their hard work.

    To find the best local movers in your area, it’s important to thoroughly search through reviews to determine which moving companies are reliable. In addition to customer feedback, be sure to verify that any moving company you consider has the proper certifications and licensing to provide its services. From there, you should reach out to numerous companies for a quote to find the best price point.

    For local movers, it’s best to tip when they load and unload the moving truck. However, for long-distance movers, you can provide your tip to the staff at the end of the move when they unload your belongings at your new home.