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    Commercial Moving

    Commercial Moving Company

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    Carey Moving & Storage has over 75 years of experience in efficiently managing all types of local, interstate, and international commercial moving. When companies need an experienced commercial moving company that can provide exceptional service and minimizes downtime, they turn to Carey.

    From the office to industrial moves, our designated project managers and move counselors can coordinate your company relocation. We will first meet with you to determine the services you need, then coordinate your company relocation from start to finish. As one of the country’s most trusted commercial moving companies, we move your company efficiently and carefully. We also provide many secure storage and warehousing options.

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    Carey FAQ

    The average cost of office movers will usually start around $5000, and can go up to as much as $30000 depending on the size of your office and how many items your office has.

    You should leave yourself two months at minimum to prepare for a move and book your movers even farther ahead if you’re planning a move during peak moving season.

    The best commercial relocation company is Carey Moving & Storage. We’ll give you the best professional moving experience possible at the best pricing.

    The time it takes to move an office depends on the size and distance of your move, but is generally a 1–2-month process from start to finish. If your office is of average size and is moving over a distance, expect your items to arrive at your new location between 1-6 weeks from your moving day.