Inventory & Paperwork

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    Inventory & Paperwork

    Your driver will prepare a detailed Inventory & Condition Report of the items to be moved. In addition to tagging every individual carton or piece of furniture with numbered and color-coded labels, he or she will record each item and a description of any existing damage on the inventory form. You should accompany the driver as he or she prepares the inventory, pointing out any special concerns or handling considerations along the way.

    You’ll be asked to sign the inventory, as your acknowledgment that the pieces indicated were loaded and as verification of their condition prior to the move. Then, the driver will sign the form as well and present you with a copy. Keep this inventory with you for use at your new home.

    The driver also will ask you to sign a bill of lading. This is the contract by which you authorize the van line to transport your possessions and agree to pay for those services. The bill of lading serves to confirm the services performed, pickup and delivery schedules, and the valuation and protection plan that you’ve selected.


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