Fun Home Improvement Projects to do when you’re Stuck at Home

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    Fun Home Improvement Projects to do when you’re Stuck at Home

    With the current pandemic forcing most of us to stay home, you may be finding yourself with too much extra time! Having a lot of extra time on your hands is the perfect excuse to pick up a new project, especially if you have recently moved or thinking of moving! If you recently moved, this is a great chance to make your new house a home. If a move is in your future, take advantage of this time to add value to your home. Here are some ideas for easy home improvement projects.

    Improvement Projects for New House:

    • Start a garden – spring is the perfect time to grow food and flowers. Whether you want to start a huge vegetable garden, plant a few tulips out front, or just put some herb boxes in your windowsill – gardening is a great way to get to spend sometime outside when you’re stuck at home.
    • Fresh coat of paint – a lot of homes go on the market with neutrally-painted walls. Greys, whites, and beiges are popular. If you bought your house with boring wall colors, now is a great time to touch it up and make it your own.
    • Finish unpacking – have you been putting off organizing your new garage or attic? Still have boxes to unpack? Put on some music and get it done!

    Improvement Projects for a Home that’s Going on the Market

    • Fresh coat of paint! – Like mentioned above, realtors often suggest painting your walls a neutral color before selling.
    • Simple touch-ups – cleaning out the gutters, organizing the garage, and weeding and mulching outdoor plant beds are simple ways to make a good impression
    • Replace appliances – if there are old or outdated appliances in your home, now is a great time to install new ones

    Have fun during quarantine – make your home special!