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    High Value Transport

    High-value Transportation Service

    From delicate antiques to priceless fine art, cumbersome pianos, and much more, Carey Moving & Storage has the expertise and experience to successfully manage your specialized or high-value transport. Valuable or unusual items that require special care and treatment are no problem for our experienced movers. We have the specialized equipment, technology, experience, and trained professionals to make the difficult seem routine. And we can also provide transport of high-value items overseas with Allied International shipping services.

    Additional Transport Services

    For larger specialized transport challenges, such as library moving, medical equipment transfer, or advanced electronics moving, Carey offers reliable, professional transport services. We will work with you to develop a customized transport plan specifically designed to ensure appropriate processes and handling procedures are followed at all times.

    Service Areas

    Find Carey High-Value Transport Services in Asheville, Charlotte, Spartanburg, Greenville, Knoxville, all surrounding areas, and beyond.

    If you need specialized service for your high-value item transport, contact Carey Moving & Storage for a free quote today.


    Use special packaging materials made for fragile items to keep your valuables safe while they’re being transported. Label and safely pack fragile items and hire professional movers who know how to handle expensive items to make sure they get moved safely.

    Yes, many moving companies offer specialized insurance options for high-value items. These specialized insurance plans offer additional coverage, ensuring peace of mind for the safe transportation of your valuable belongings.

    Before you move your valuable things, make sure they are properly packed using strong materials, clearly label fragile items, make an inventory, and let the movers know if there are any special handling directions you have. This helps keep your belongings safe and makes sure the transport goes more smoothly.

    Carey Moving & Storage helps move valuable items across foreign borders with Allied international shipping services, which offer a safe and dependable way to make the process go smoothly. This makes sure that expensive things are treated carefully and get where they need to go without getting damaged.

    Many Moving companies with a good reputation usually have advanced tracking services that let you see where your valuable things are. With these tracking features, you can get regular updates on where your things are and what their state is. This gives you more information and peace of mind during the shipping process.


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