Kids Moved Out? What to do With the Spare Room

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    Kids Moved Out? What to do With the Spare Room

    Did your kids recently move out?

    Empty nesting time! When your children leave, you may find yourself with a spare room or two. After you move through all the memories and feelings surrounding this huge change, you can plan what to do with the extra space. This is an opportunity to expand your interests or create a sanctuary space that is just for you.

    What to do with that room? There are many possibilities. If you are having a hard time day dreaming the space into being, why not read this great article-6 Ways To Re-Purpose Your Graduate’s Old Room found on

    Enjoy this next phase of your life. You deserve it! And if you need moving labor to empty the bedroom and move in the new things you will enjoy there, call Carey Moving & Storage with office locations in Asheville, Charlotte, Greenville, Knoxville, and Spartanburg. Leave the heavy lifting to us!