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    Senior Moving

    Although any move can be a difficult process that requires careful planning, the reality is that senior moves come with their own unique challenges that can make the task feel even more overwhelming and emotional.

    For seniors, moving to a different home often means saying goodbye to a place they have known for years, an experience that can be incredibly stressful – even if it means moving on to bigger and better things. To handle these relocations with the right level of care and consideration, it’s imperative to approach the process in a way that allows plenty of time and eliminates any unnecessary stressors.

    That’s where the team at Carey Moving and Storage comes in. Our team of highly skilled professionals are trained and equipped to handle senior moving with the appropriate tools and a friendly, considerate attitude.

    Our senior relocation solutions go beyond logistics, as our staff prioritizes personalized customer service that meets your individualized needs. Interested in learning more about how Carey can improve your senior move? Discover further information about our services below!

    Top 10 Reasons to Choose Carey for Your Senior Move

    1. Unmatched Senior Relocation Expertise: We specialize in senior moving services in Spartanburg and have been a part of thousands of successful move over our 100+ years in business.
    2. Next-Level Customer Service: Our customer service representatives and professional moving crews don’t just move your items from point A to point B – we create a partnership that gives you the attention to detail and care your items deserve.
    3. Full-Service Experience: Our professional moving crews handle everything. From packing and storage to transportation, delivery, assembly and move, we’ve got you covered.
    4. Specially Trained Staff & Crews: We know conducting senior moves can be tough. That’s why our staff and moving crews receive special training to help coordinate and support clients through this process.
    5. Downsizing Consultants: Our downsizing consultants help seniors work through and organize their homes’ items before their move.
    6. Local Knowledge: Having a Spartanburg senior moving company who knows the area and is a part of the community fosters trust and confidence in your services.
    7. Reliable & Dependable Timelines: We transport your items efficiently and safely with timing that works for you.
    8. Affordable & Transparent Timelines: We have customizable moving packages built for all budgets and needs.
    9. Storage Services & Estate Distribution: From transporting family heirlooms and household goods to family members or locations locally or long-distance to storing items safely and securely at our warehouse, we can coordinate the safe distribution or storage of all items.
    10. Local, Long-Distance & International Services: Whether moving to a senior community across town or to your dream home across the country, we can get your items there efficiently and securely.

    Spartanburg Senior Movers

    When you need senior moving solutions in Spartanburg, the skilled professionals at Carey have got you covered. You can trust that your move is in good hands with us, as each of our moving professionals is equipped with the skills to address your concerns with an approach tailored to your specific circumstances.

    No matter the details of your relocation, we handle each facet carefully to achieve the best results with a minimal amount of stress. At Carey, we provide setup, planning, packing, moving, and assembly and disassembly services to simplify your move.

    What does a senior relocation orchestrated by the team at Carey look like? We follow five simple steps to successfully tackle senior moves. Learn more below!

    What does a senior relocation orchestrated by the team at Carey look like? We follow five simple steps to successfully tackle senior moves. Learn more below!

    1. Consultation: During the first step of the moving process, we conduct an in-home assessment to thoroughly understand your needs. A member of our team will complete an in-depth discussion with you in order to fully capture what you’re looking to accomplish through our services.
    2. Estimate: Now that the assessment has been completed, it’s time to provide you with a quote. Our relocation consultants consider the services you discussed and give a full price breakdown so you can accurately understand your estimated cost.
    3. Schedule & Plan: Once your moving date has been booked, it’s time to start planning! Our relocation consultants will work closely with you to create a plan that covers all the logistics involved with your services and ensure all of your needs are being thoroughly addressed.
    4. Moving Day: It’s the big day! Our moving professionals will arrive promptly at their scheduled time to begin loading the trucks. Your assigned relocation consultant will also check in during this time to make sure everything is going accordingly.
    5. Set Up and Settle In: With all belongings transported to your new home, the Carey professional movers will complete the set-up process of any items that had been disassembled. Time to settle into your new home!

    Moving on Your Own?

    When most people think of senior moving needs, they think of retirees taking advantage of the freedom of heading to a dream home, a warmer or more enjoyable climate, a retiree community full of new people and connections, or just the opportunity to downsize. The team at Carey knows how varied the circumstances of a senior move can be, and provide customized approaches and moving packages that allow you to move confidently and without the hassle that might come with a DIY move.

    Whether you’re looking to move to a smaller place that fits you and your needs better or are headed to your new dream home across the country or across the world, we have specialized services that will get your items there with ease.

    From local to long distance or international moving and everything in between, Carey Moving & Storage is prepared to tackle your relocation in a way that suits your individual needs, rather than utilizing a typical cookie cutter approach. Your Spartanburg senior movers are prepared to address all of your concerns efficiently and with the attention to detail you deserve.

    Benefits of Using Carey for Independent Senior Moving:

    • Local, Long-Distance, & International Moving
      Working with Carey means your move knows no bounds. As a top-rated, award-winning partner of Allied Van Lines, Carey is able to bring clients’ household goods anywhere in the country or the world, regardless of where your next destination is.
    • Professional Team of Moving Specialists
      Carey is comprised of the best moving professionals with decades of experience in moving seniors and their families all over the region, country, and world. Move to your next destination or home with ease with our personalized services that are specially tailored to fit your needs.
    • Affordability
      There’s no better way to kick off your new ventures in life than with affordable moving services that are customized to fit your needs and budget. Start your new life out on a positive foot with movers that emphasize the importance of transparent, upfront pricing that won’t break the bank.

    Moving into an Assisted Community?

    If your senior move involves relocating to an assisted living community, the team at Carey Moving and Storage is prepared to address these circumstances. We can handle everything—packing, moving, storage, and setup—so you can experience a relocation that feels stress-free and simple.

    Our moving experts are well aware of the stressors that frequently impact senior moves, which is why we work to combat these negative circumstances and provide moving solutions that address them head on. Allow us to make your move to a senior community feel streamlined!

    Whether moving to an independent living community or an assisted one, using Carey Moving & Storage for your relocation is the key to ensuring your move is as positive as your new home is about to be.

    The benefits of using Carey for your move to a senior living community are nearly innumberable for both residents and facilities alike.

    Benefits of Using Carey Moving & Storage for Senior Residents:

    1. Expertise & Experience You Can Trust
      With over 100 years’ of experience in the moving and storage industry, Carey’s expert staff and moving crews have seen it all. Having experienced professionals on your side that are attuned to your needs and the ins and outs of moving to an independent or assisted senior community will let your move be as easy as possible.
    2. Personalized Move Planning
      At Carey, we prioritize creating the most individualized and personalized moving services possible. Our customizable moving packages take into account your preferences, needs, priorities, timeline, and any other variables that might come into play during the course of your move so your transition is as seamless as possible.
    3. Caring Team of Professionals
      Our team of moving professionals are specially trained to handle senior moving, whether you’re headed to a facility across town or across the country. We work with seniors and their families to coordinate moves in ways that work for them with extra attention to detail and care in everything we do.
    4. Full-Service Spartanburg Senior Moves
      We offer comprehensive senior moving services in Spartanburg that cover every need or variable that might come up during the course of your move. From packing and loading to transportation, delivery, assembly and more, we have your back. We also offer specialty services for senior moves, including:

      1. Estate distribution: We can effortlessly transport family heirlooms anywhere in the country or world to family members or locations for safekeeping.
      2. Moving to a new state: Moving to a community out of state? Our top-rated interstate moving services make it easy to do so.
      3. Downsizing: Our specialty downsizing consultants make decluttering and organizing easy before your move to an independent or assisted facility.


    5. Storage Solutions
      Whether looking for long or short-term storage solutions, Carey empowers residents to downsize items without having to fully get rid of them or worry about their safety. Our secure, state-of-the-art storage warehouse is equipped to keep items of all sizes safe and protected regardless of your storage term.
    6. Affordable & Transparent Pricing
      Using movers who emphasize the importance of transparent, upfront pricing makes your move that much easier and less stressful. Our affordable services make it easy to get top-quality service for less, and our upfront pricing allow you to prepare without any unwelcome surprises.

    Benefits of Using Carey Moving & Storage for Senior Facilities:

    • Local, Community-Driven Movers
      Working with reputable Spartanburg movers who know the area and are a part of the community lets you put trust in knowing that we will give residents their optimal moving experience.
    • Enhanced Trust in Your Senior Living Community
      Recommending the best movers in Spartanburg for your residents’ move lets them know that you really care about the quality of their relocation, and that your staff or managers will give them nothing but the best in their new home.
    • Specialized & Caring Team
      Coordinating a move with experienced and caring movers will not only give your residents a positive moving experience but will make things easy for your community as well. Put miscommunications or unfit moving companies in the past when you work with specialized senior moving professionals.

    Advantages of Moving to a Senior Living Facility

    Considering relocating to a senior living facility? This is a big decision, and it understandably requires a lot of careful thought. However, the good news is that there are countless benefits of moving to a senior living facility. If you’re still on the fence about whether or not this is the right choice for you, allow us to share six of the top advantages of assisted living!

    1. Safety and Security: One prominent advantage of opting for senior living is the safety and security these facilities offer. These communities have 24/7 security, strong emergency response systems, and highly trained staff so you can rest assured that any issues or medical emergencies will be addressed in a timely, efficient manner. These facilities offer a heightened level of safety for seniors.
    2. Social Interaction and Community: Oftentimes, people experience increased feelings of isolation and loneliness as they age, which can have adverse physical and emotional effects. Senior living facilities actively prevent these issues by providing a built-in community that offers social perks and a strong sense of belonging for seniors.
    3. Various Amenities and Services: Thanks to the countless amenities and services provided by senior communities, this is one of the most convenient living options a senior can opt for. From dining and housekeeping to entertainment and fitness centers, seniors have a wide array of services that can improve their quality of life.
    4. Specialized Access to Healthcare: Because the staff at senior living facilities are highly trained and knowledgeable, seniors can rest assured knowing that specialized healthcare access is available to them in these living spaces. Specific needs can be addressed adeptly, and many facilities even offer healthcare services on-site.
    5. Maintenance-Free Living: For seniors, home maintenance and upkeep responsibilities can be especially taxing. However, in senior living facilities, these concerns are things of the past. Seniors no longer need to worry about the varied responsibilities involved with homeownership when they opt to live in a 55+ community.
    6. Flexible Option: All senior communities are not created equally, and they certainly don’t mean seniors lose their sense of autonomy. Different facilities provide different levels of care, and senior citizens can choose from communities that provide independent living to ones that provide assistance and care. No matter what seniors are looking for, a wide variety of living options exist to flexibly fit their needs.

    Valued Customer Reviews

    You don’t need to take it from us—instead, allow our customers to tell you just how much they enjoy our services. Read through feedback from some of our valued customers, and discover just how effective Carey’s senior moving solutions are!

    I need to tell you that I am very pleased with the move! All is great! The gentlemen, Barnie and Allen, were absolutely terrific.

    — Lori

    You have been wonderful to work with. I was told you would be in touch with me during the move and you definitely kept the promise. It’s nice to know people meet and exceed expectations.

    — Melissa and Paul

    Compliments to everyone! I am very satisfied with my driver. My compliments again!

    — Elizabeth


    Carey Moving and Storage provides an all-encompassing suite of services tailored for senior moves. This includes expert handling of packing, secure storage, efficient transportation, timely delivery, meticulous assembly, and personalized downsizing consultations.

    Carey follows a streamlined five-step process for senior relocations, starting with an in-home consultation to understand needs, providing a detailed estimate, creating a customized plan, executing the move on the scheduled day, and completing the setup in the new home.

    Carey provides top-notch services for independent senior moving, including local, long-distance, and international options, a professional team with decades of experience, affordable pricing, and personalized moving packages.

    Carey provides comprehensive services for seniors transitioning to assisted living communities, managing packing, storage, and setup. Our goal is to streamline the entire relocation process, alleviating stress and ensuring a smooth transition for residents.

    Senior facilities should choose Carey Moving & Storage for their residents’ moves due to local, community-driven movers, enhanced trust, a specialized and caring team, and affordable, transparent pricing, ensuring a positive moving experience for residents.