Looking Ahead: A Post-Crisis Summer Move

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    Looking Ahead: A Post-Crisis Summer Move

    The coronavirus pandemic has changed so many of our lives. At Carey, we have covered many angles of how the virus has changed the moving industry already. But with state and nation-wide restrictions beginning to ease up, many people may be wondering: can I go ahead with my move this summer? The answer is: yes. The truth is that many people still opted to move during the peak of the crisis. But for those who decided to wait, the summer months coming up may be a great time. Here are some things to keep in mind as you plan your summer move.

    1. Contact your moving company far in advanced: many people decided to hold off on their springtime moving plans, which could be a cause for a very busy summer in the industry. Talk to your movers early to secure your move date.
    2. Practice safety protocols as you prepare: even with safety restrictions beginning to ease, it is still important to maintain caution with relation to the virus. Do not reuse boxes for packing: buy new ones. Clean as you pack: wipe down counters and boxes to prevent the spread of illness. Wash your hands often: maintain basic hygiene practices.
    3. On moving day, make sure that your moving team is practicing social distancing and safety protocols such as hand-washing and sanitation. You can read about safety measures being taken by our company

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