How to Lower Your COVID Risk on Moving Day

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    How to Lower Your COVID Risk on Moving Day

    All across the country people are adapting to their everyday lives in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Extra precautions should be taken during everyday activities such as going to the grocery store and the post office. Moving is no different. Moving companies are adapting how they do business to meet the needs of a socially distant society. There are steps that you can take as a customer as well, to lower your COVID risk on moving day. If you are moving in the near future, here are some tips to consider.

    • Only move if you have to – part of the thrill of moving is being able to explore your new area and get involved in your new community. That may be harder to do in the era of COVID, so be prepared to feel a little isolated if you are moving to a new town. Socializing is more difficult these days, but it will not be forever, and it will pass.
    • Don’t reuse packing supplies – buy new boxes instead of using recycled ones from stores. Carey Moving & Storage can provide you with moving boxes should you need them.
    • Avoid unnecessary socializing in the days leading up to your move – the risk of COVID severely decreases with the less contact you have with the outside world and other people.
    • Practice social distancing on moving day – most moving companies will be adhering to strict pandemic protocol. Do your part by keeping 6 feet between you and others, providing a hand-washing station at the moving location, and sanitizing high-traffic surfaces such as doorknobs.

    At Carey Moving & Storage, we know that current times can feel a bit uncertain. That’s why we are doing our part every day to protect our moving crews and customers. If you have any questions or concerns about the process, please refer to safety posts on our blog or give us a call. Thank you.