Moving America Forward: How the Moving Industry Is Adapting to the Pandemic

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    Moving America Forward: How the Moving Industry Is Adapting to the Pandemic

    The moving industry employs roughly 187,000 people across the United States. In a time when so many people are out of work, the moving industry is still an essential business and is helping people and businesses adapt to their new way of life post-COVID. The industry contributes about $30.7 billion of output to the national economy each year and is a crucial ‘moving’ part of the economy as a whole. Nearly half a million people move each year and the pandemic isn’t slowing this down by much.

    The pandemic has altered the way that many businesses go about their work in our country and the world. The moving industry is no different and has adapted to the current circumstances so that America can keep moving forward.

    To read more about how the industry is adapting to COVID challenges, you can read a recently published article on Here is a segment from the article.

    “For the 95 percent of the nation’s economy that remained open and kept going, the moving industry has helped keep people and commerce moving forward throughout the pandemic.

     Movers are an essential business and have responded swiftly to the pandemic with thorough planning, effective safety measures, and thoughtful policies on handling scheduling. We’ve established a deeper trust with our customers by serving them more carefully and thoughtfully during this time and we should continue the practices we’ve adopted in the future.

     Our teams have relied on technology more than ever, including virtual estimating platforms, web conferences with clients to plan moves, online training, and the greater use of mobile devices. More of our work continues to migrate to digital. We should continue to invest in technologies that provide a more efficient and seamless experience for our customers while ensuring that they don’t replace our high-touch, personal customer service touchpoints.”

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