Winter Moves   

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    Winter Moves  

    It is still officially winter, but tell that to Mother Nature. She seems to have a different schedule for us this year, with the first big winter storm Jonas headed for the east coast this weekend. How does this affect the moving industry? Well luckily it is not our busiest time of year, however, we still have winter movers on the go who need to get their household contents to their new destination.

    Carey Movers is a long-distance moving company serving the east coast. Our company was one of the founding members of Allied Van Lines in 1928, which began the process of expanding our moving services to cover the eastern coast of the United States. In the following years, our full-service moving company expanded its hauling fleet and operations to encompass service up and down the entire East Coast, while also expanding its service offerings to include packing, crating, hauling, and storage. We now have over 1100 agents in the United States and Canada, and 300 international agents, positioning Carey as one of the most trusted national movers. Carey Moving & Storage and Allied Vans are prepared and experienced when it comes to harsh weather and long-distance moves, and we have the nationwide resources to move you in any weather conditions. No matter what the weather, and how many states we need to cross, we will bring your goods home.

    Just a reminder to our winter movers- please be safe along your own move journey. Whether you are flying to your new destination or driving, be prepared if you are moving to or from a winter weather-affected area. Be sure to pack the essentials in case of a weather emergency. Keep an eye on the weather reports and airport closings/cancellations etc. You could be stuck at an airport or on an interstate.  Airports aren’t the best place to be stuck but they are warm and have pretty much what you would need for a longer-than-planned stay. Stuck in a storm on the road is another story.

    We highly recommend that our movers planning a winter move, read the Winterize Your Vehicle Checklist on FEMA’s website for preparing your vehicle for long-distance winter travel and what to have on hand in your vehicle in case of a winter emergency. Also, check out the Winter Driving segment at You will want to know these life-saving tips in an emergency.

    Carey Moving & Storage wishes all of our winter movers a safe journey home this winter. Always check ahead and plan to avoid weather-affected areas along your travel route. Stop ahead of a storm and wait it out in a hotel. Arrive safe and sound at your new destination.