Why Spartanburg is the Perfect Place to Live

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    Why Spartanburg is the Perfect Place to Live

    As residents of this wonderful area know well, Spartanburg, NC is a fantastic place ot live, with tons of perks and benefits to living here. From its affordability, to beautiful nature, and quality of life, Spartanburg is one of the best places to live in the country. 

    It’s no wonder we’re seeing so many new residents! So what really sets Spartanburg apart, and makes it so desirable to new residents? Let’s explore the benefits of living in Spartanburg. 

    Spartanburg’s Growing Job Market

    Our area has seen an unmistakable amount of growth in the last few years, and only continues to see an amazing amount of growth and development in both the residential and commercial sense. Tons of businesses are investing in our city, and this in turn is attracting more and more investment and more and more new residents. 

    In a recent study by GoodHire, Spartanburg was listed as second in the Top 10 cities with the biggest job market growth. Alongside the #1 city, Reno, NV, Spartanburg placed ahead of Palm Bay, FL, Phoenix, AZ, as well as Savannah, GA and Naples, FL. 

    This comes as no surprise to residents and new business owners alike, as just last year, Spartanburg accumulated almost 9,000 new jobs alone, and made up 45% of the entire region’s job growth. 

    On top of its remarkable amount of job growth, Spartanburg is also proud to boast the incredibly low unemployment rate of just 3.1%, and is home to a happy and bustling population with tons of opportunities at their feet. 

    Because the region has experienced so much job growth, county officials has made it their mission to attract more new residents to the area to fill these job opportunities. It’s not a hard thing to attract people to the area, however, thanks to its low cost of living and excellent quality of life. 

    Spartanburg Ranks in Top 10 Places to Live in the United States

    As if its growing job market wasn’t enough to spell out continued happiness and success for Spartanburg, the city also placed within the top 10 for the best places to live and work in the entire country, according to GoodHire’s analysis of more than 155 cities and metropolitan areas in the United States. 

    Coming in at #10 for overall affordability, Spartanburg joined Salt Lake City, UT, Charleston, NC, and Madison, WI, among others in giving residents a great quality of life for much lower prices when compared with the rest of the country. 

    On top of Spartanburg’s lower cost of living in comparison to the rest of the country, it also has a lower cost of living on average than South Carolina as a whole. This has also won Spartanburg its rank at the #24 best place to live in the United States overall, and the #1 best place to live in South Carolina. 

    Relocate with Carey Moving

    With stats like these, it’s no wonder why our region has seen such residential and economic growth over the years. Looking to move to Spartanburg, or just looking for a new place in the area? Look no further than Carey Moving & Storage for all of your Spartanburg moving needs.