Why Move to Spartanburg, SC in 2022? 

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    Why Move to Spartanburg, SC in 2022? 

    Looking to move to Spartanburg this year, but need that extra push? Spartanburg is an amazing place to live for many different reasons, but if you’re looking for a complete guide to Spartanburg so you know what to expect upon moving here, we’ve got everything you need to know. 

    There’s a reason why people love Spartanburg so much. Located amidst the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, only 98 miles from Columbia, 80 miles from Charlotte, and a bit longer of a drive of 190 miles to Atlanta, Spartanburg offers a great upstate feel with plenty of access to the cities that surround it. 

    On top of its access to major cities in the area, Spartanburg is also a great place for families, with a ton of scenic towns, family-friendly attractions, parks, and plenty of outdoor activities. 

    If you’re looking to move to Spartanburg in 2022, there’s no better time to get started on your process than the present, and do all of your research on the city so you know what to expect from your moving process. 

    Is Spartanburg, SC a Good Place to Live?

    Simply put, yes, Spartanburg is a great place to live. If you’re relocating to the city, you’ll be pleased to find that Spartanburg has a tight-knit community, beautiful downtown area, great weather, great schools, and events for the whole family. 

    Spartanburg offers a small-town feel but features a grower metropolitan area that will only be seeing more development over the next few years. Like you, many corporations and developers have seen a lot of potential in Spartanburg, and are choosing to make major investments in many current projects. From new businesses to new developments and improved infrastructure, Spartanburg is buzzing with activity. 

    Things to do in Spartanburg

    On top of its booming downtown scene, Spartanburg offers a ton of things to do for the whole family throughout the area. If you’re interested in a cultural experience, Spartanburg has a vibrant art scene to offer. 

    Downtown Spartanburg is host to a variety of public art displays and is also home to the Chapman Cultural Center. At this Center, you’ll be able to experience the Artists Guild of Spartanburg, Ballet Spartanburg, as well as the music foundation, theater companies, and historical associations that are all located here. 

    If you’re looking for outdoor activities to immerse yourself in, Spartanburg is also home to Croft State Park, which has thousands of acres of outdoor space and miles of hiking and horseback riding trails. 

    Spartanburg cityscape

    Community in Spartanburg

    Spartanburg is a very diverse community that provides many opportunities for leadership, resources for development, and more. There are also plenty of public social, educational, and recreational programs available for those looking to connect with their community. 

    If you’re a foodie, you’ll love Spartanburg. The town is home to tons of amazing restaurants, breweries, cafes, bars, and more to choose from, and offers a little bit of everything. It’s also got a ton of employment opportunities that will also only grow with all of the development going on in the area. 

    Spartanburg is an amazing place to live, and that’s not lost on its current residents! If you’re looking to move to the area, make sure to use the best movers for your needs. Carey Moving & Storage will provide you with amazing, stress-free moving services to make sure your Spartanburg transition goes as smoothly as possible.