Why Move to Charlotte, NC?

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    Why Move to Charlotte, NC?

    If you’re looking to move to North Carolina this year, heading to the beautiful city of Charlotte could be a great way to establish a beautiful lifestyle for a lower cost of living in comparison to many places you might be used to. 

    Charlotte, NC is consistently ranked as one of the best places to live in the entire country and is still growing. Rich with beautiful landscapes, historic culture, cool restaurants, and bars, plus plenty to do both indoors and out, Charlotte makes a great place to live for the whole family. Looking for job opportunities? Charlotte has tons of new businesses and opportunities for a career boost or change for you. So what are the best reasons to move to Charlotte? Let’s go over all of the amazing things Charlotte has to offer. 

    Reasons to Move to Charlotte

    Before we get into the best reasons to move to Charlotte, NC, let’s go over why you’ll want to use the best area Charlotte movers for your relocation. Carey Moving & Storage are the best professional movers in the Charlotte area and will provide you with the right prices, services, and overall experience. 

    Now that you’ve got the right movers for your Charlotte area move, let’s best into the best reasons to move to the fantastic city. 

    • Cleanliness

    Charlotte is known for being incredibly clean and well kept – especially for a major US city! This city’s officials make cleanliness a real priority, and conduct regular initiatives like debris clean up, drain maintenance, and the building up and regular repair of local infrastructures like roads and sidewalks. 

    Charlotte city scape

    • Greenspace

    Not only is Charlotte surrounded by beautiful landscapes, nature, and scenery, but the city is also home to tons of green space. Charlotte’s a part of Mecklenburg County, which has over 230 parks over the course of 12,000 acres of land. Charlotte has tons of parks, trails, and places to get out and exercise. You can also visit Lake Wylie and Lake Norman while you’re at it!

    • Recreation

    Speaking of ways to get out of the house in Charlotte, this city also has tons of things to do! From the local Carowinds amusement park, Discovery Place, plus tons of dining and entertainment options, there are tons of things to do and enjoy in Charlotte. 

    • Diversity

    Charlotte also boasts a high level of diversity and cultural significance. As the 9th most diverse city in the country, Charlotte is proud to welcome and celebrate all cultures. 

    • Big City Living with a Small Town Feel

    With 19 charming neighborhoods, a mix of new and historic construction, you’ll find a beautiful mix of wonderful places to live, classic Southern hospitality, and a fantastic quality of life. Plus, on top of Charlotte’s small-town feel, you’ll enjoy the opportunities and things to do that come with living in a major city. 

    Looking to move to Charlotte this year? Use Carey Moving & Storage for all of your Charlotte professional moving needs. We’ll provide you with the best service, prices, and overall moving experience, whether you’re moving in from just out of town or from across the country!