Why is Moving So Expensive?

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    Why is Moving So Expensive?

    For local, long-distance, and international moves alike, there are two things that come to many people’s minds when considering what goes into each process: that moving is a lot of work, and that moving is expensive.

    Whether relocating on your own or with a professional moving crew, moving is an undertaking that can’t be taken lightly and should be done with the most preparation possible to ensure you’re well-organized. A common assumption many make when it comes to moving yourself or professionally is also that it comes at a great cost – which can be true if you’re not working with the right company. On top of that, this cost can grow even more if you also need storage options, packing services, or other specialty services. So why is moving so expensive, and how can you save money on moving costs and expenses?

    Professional Moving Costs

    When assessing your moving costs, first consider all of the things you’re paying for and how much goes into moving an entire household locally or long-distance. You’ll be paying for the labor of moving crews both loading and unloading your items at both homes, and if you’re moving over a long distance, you’ll also be paying for a driver, fuel, and sometimes mileage associated with your large move. If you need packing or storage services, you’ll also have to pay for the labor and transportation involved in these processes as well.

    Don’t forget that moving is hard work and takes skill to keep your items safe and professionally managed during your entire transition. Moving goes beyond just lifting heavy items – it’s also difficult and potentially dangerous, especially when dealing with stairs or tough housing layouts. You’re also paying for the professional experience that moving crews bring to you, which makes you move safer and run more efficiently.

    How to Save on Moving Costs

    There are plenty of ways to reduce your moving costs. For both cost-saving and convenience, it’s probably best to leave large appliances at your old home and try to include them with your sale. This includes things like refrigerators, washers/dryers, and grills. You can sell these items with your home, save money on moving them, and then put that money toward buying new appliances at your new home or buying the appliances your seller has. The more overly bulky or heavy items you eliminate from your move, the less you’ll have to pay to move them. This might seem like a silly statement, but don’t forget that moves are charged by weight, which can be drastically impacted by heavy appliances.

    If you want to declutter to have a little extra on moving expenses, you can also have a yard sale for your unneeded or unwanted items. This will let you make a little money and get rid of the things you don’t want or use in the first place! This can be especially helpful when planning a long-distance move.

    Many choose to also save on moving costs by packing themselves, but keep in mind that this means you’re absorbing the labor of doing so. Make sure to be strategic and do a good job of it to ensure the safety of your items – no last minute rushes!

    At the end of the day, moving is hard work, and having professionals on your side is a great way to make your transition infinitely easier to manage, and more efficient overall. If you’re looking for the best prices with the best service for your relocation, look no further than Carey Moving & Storage.