Value of an In-Home Estimate

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    Value of an In-Home Estimate

    You might be wondering, “What is an in-home estimate?” An in-home estimate is a quote provided to you by a moving and storage company regarding how much it will cost to pack, load, and move the items in your home. The values of an in-home estimate are vast. Most importantly, the movers will have an accurate estimate of your total weight through a visual inspection and will be able to identify any issues such as stairs, low-hanging tree branches, or other obstacles that can be avoided on a moving day.

    An In-Home Estimate Can Save Your Money

    Opting out of an in-home estimate or providing an assessment of the items in your home over the phone will most likely result in an increase in cost or charges down the line. An in-home estimate guarantees there will be no disagreement later about what the terms of your agreement were. Additionally, having a moving company perform an in-home estimate will provide you with peace of mind knowing that a professional has come to your home and accurately assessed everything you have.

    At Carey Moving and Storage we look forward to giving you an accurate quote and the best possible service we can for your moving day. Our in-home estimates are free plus we’re rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau and our van line agents are award-winning. Call us today for a FREE in-home estimate at 1-866-368-7226!