Unpacking Tips After a Move

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    Unpacking Tips After a Move

    You’ve finally done – you’ve completed your moving process, and now you can finally take a sigh of relief and begin to unpack your things in your new home, at your own pace. Your entire journey is almost over, and you can settle into your new home and figure out how you want your space to look and function. 

    However, unfortunately, there is one step left to carry out in your moving process, and though this one is much more chill timeline-wise, it’s still a bit of a pain in the butt to get it all done. What’s this last step? Unpacking, of course!

    Unpacking can be annoying (not nearly as annoying as packing, though!), but it can be done either at your leisure, or super efficiently. Regardless of whether you want to unpack as soon as possible or take your time with it, staying organized is imperative. So how should your unpacking process look? We’ve got all of the tips to unpack safely and efficiently.

    Match boxes to rooms

    Even if you’ve just moved in, odds are you’ve already kind of mapped out which rooms will serve which purpose. Especially if you have kids, you’ve also probably chosen who gets which room, or how each room will be used. 

    While packing, hopefully you should’ve labelled your boxes and totes completely to coordinate to each room. Before you start to unpack, bring boxes to their corresponding rooms and organize them accordingly. This will let you unpack super efficiently, cut down on time spent wandering around and wondering where things are, and will just keep things organized and easy. Take it one room at a time, and pace things as quickly or as slowly as you’d like. 

    Clean Your New Home

    If you’re lucky, you might’ve been able to clean your home a few days before moving in, but odds are your home hasn’t been cleaned since the previous owners or renters moved out (with the exception of maybe a perfunctory carpet cleaning by a landlord). 

    Before you start unpacking all of your things, make sure your items are being housed in a clean, sparkly environment. Cleaning a new home may be the last thing you want to do after your moving process comes to an end, but it’ll make you feel a lot better in the long run. Plus, cleaning is a lot easier when nothing is unpacked and the house is fairly empty!

    Unpack the Kitchen

    One of the rooms to make sure is up and functioning as soon as possible is your kitchen. For the first few days in your new home, you might want to order out, which is completely fine – you’re super tired! However, not having access to cups, dishes, or cooking utensils is going to get old really fast. Make your kitchen one of the first rooms you unpack. 

    Nothing has to be Perfect

    When unpacking, you might feel pressure to have everything  looking its best, immediately. However, don’t be a perfectionist – you just moved in, and have plenty of time to add to or improve spaces as you go. Plus, if you don’t have a ton of decor, don’t freak out. Get functional items in order first before focusing on decor or trying to embellish your space. 

    Clear Out as You Go

    Don’t forget to clear out your boxes if you unpack gradually so you’re not faced with having to get rid of them all at once, or trying to navigate your space without a bunch of loose boxes in the way. 

    Regardless of what stage of the moving process you’re currently in, don’t forget to use Carey Moving & Storage as your go-to for all of your moving and storage needs.