Top 10 Things Customers Look for in a Professional Moving Company

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    Top 10 Things Customers Look for in a Professional Moving Company

    Doing the right research when it comes to your local, long-distance, or international move can make all the difference in having a moving company on your side that operates with integrity, and one who could be a scammer, one that doesn’t have your best interests in mind or one who lacks professionalism or care in their methods.

    One of the biggest mistakes you can make as a customer is not doing your due diligence to find professional movers who go beyond just giving you a good price, and who give you quality service that truly puts you and your household items first.

    When looking for a moving company, you should cover all of your bases to avoid using a company that makes moving mistakes you never want to happen during your relocation. Wondering what to look for in movers, and what mistakes you should always ensure you’re looking out for throughout the process that will let you avoid companies with red flags? This article will learn more about how to choose your professional movers and what your moving company should never do.

    How to Choose Professional Movers

    No matter if you’re moving over a long distance or are looking for local moving specialists, finding the right moving company can make all of the difference between having a smooth, efficient, and straightforward move, and one that has challenges or hardships along the way. Doing this research will also ensure that you receive good communication and that your items will be kept safe throughout the entirety of your journey.

    So, what should you look for in professional movers? First of all, never just go for the first moving company that comes up when you Google ‘movers near me’. Instead, create a list of what you need from your movers, including specialty services, what kind of move you’re preparing for, and what your budget is. This will give you a good structure for what you should look for in movers.

    Once you’ve created a vision for your move, you should look for moving companies and thoroughly go through the reviews and accreditations of the moving companies you feel good about. Don’t just go through the reviews on each moving company’s website that you look at and take them at face value, either. These comments can easily be moderated or filtered to make a company look better.

    Instead, go through the reviews on third-party websites like Google Reviews, Yelp, or the Better Business Bureau, where real customers can give you a good general idea of how your potential company operates and their level of efficiency and professionalism, as well as how they react to customer complaints or poor experiences. This will also give you a good indication of whether or not a company is legitimate, and can allow you to automatically pass on a company that doesn’t have any reviews.

    From there, look at a moving company’s licenses, accreditations, affiliations, and any awards they may have received for positive customer experiences. Additionally, you should also double-check their USDOT number to ensure they’re properly insured and licensed.

    Once companies have checked all of your boxes on this front, it’s time to shop around for quotes. Don’t automatically take the first company you see with the lowest price. If a company’s quote seems too good to be true, it probably is – and can indicate that you’re narrowly avoiding a moving scam.

    Now that you’re narrowing down your options, go with the moving company that gives you the best service and will offer you reasonable prices for your move. Looking for a North Carolina moving company that will give you the best experience for your relocation? See what Carey Moving & Storage can do for you and your relocation today.

    Worst Things a Moving Company Can Do

    Now that you know what to look for in a moving company, let’s go over the red flags movers might exhibit during the process that should indicate that you should look elsewhere. Some of these can happen early on and can let you know that you should look elsewhere, but some can happen if you don’t go with the right company. If you find yourself in this situation, demand better treatment from your movers – though this won’t happen when you do your right research.

    Let’s get into the red flags you should look for to know to stay away from a potential professional moving company.

    1. Show Up Late to Appointments/Moving Day

    Your moving company should always be on time and punctual to your appointment for your initial moving quote, and of course for your moving day. If a potential company doesn’t respect your time early on, it’s best to move on to find one that does. This will let you avoid stress and inconvenience on your moving day.

    2. Lack of Communication

    One of the worst things a company can due to its customers is not giving them the communication they need to be confident and secure in their services. This goes for not just during the course of your move, but before and after as well.

    Your company should always practice open and regular communication when you contact them initially, receive a quote for them, and lead up to moving day. They should also of course give you tracking and regular updates regarding the transportation and delivery of your items.

    3. Not Preparing for Your Move

    Your movers should always show up for your moving day with the right attitude, and with enough professional movers for your relocation. If your movers show up not in uniform or an unmarked moving truck. Your movers should also always have a complete crew to effectively move your items. If they don’t send enough people, it can seriously hurt your efficiency, and even put people in danger.

    4. Not Having the Right Equipment/Supplies for a Move

    With the same notion as having the right number of movers who are prepared for your move show up on a moving day, your movers should also always show up with the right equipment and supplies for your relocation.

    When your company gives you your estimate, they should also be making note of what possible supplies they might need to transport or pack up your items safely. If they do not do so, it can hurt them, you, and your items.

    5. Not Understanding Insurance

    Your moving company cannot offer you official insurance, since they’re not official providers, however, they should always offer basic liability insurance, which should come with your regular moving costs.

    This will let you get reimbursed for damaged items or possible losses during your move. Many companies will also offer added coverage for your items, including full replacement coverage. You can also get separate liability insurance from a third-party insurance provider.

    6. Not Performing Background Checks

    Moving companies should always perform background checks on their moving crews and customer service representatives. These people are interacting with their customers and go in and out of their homes. They also, of course, handle your household items and things that might be valuable or expensive.

    These moving crews must be thoroughly checked to ensure your safety and the safety of your items. Always ask your moving company about their background check process before you employ their services.

    7. Lack of Efficiency

    Your moving company should always operate efficiently and professionally to keep your move on schedule and get your items to you as quickly as possible. If you notice a company doesn’t operate with these values, you should demand better treatment, or have hopefully noticed these issues early enough to avoid using their services entirely.

    8. Damaging or Losing Items

    It’s every customer’s worst fear – your items being damaged, lost, or stolen during their transport to your new home. One or two things might not be a huge deal, but if your items are significantly damaged, it can hurt your entire moving process and throw off your ability to settle into your new home.

    9. Damaging Your Home

    Movers causing damage to your home can be a very big issue for your current and new homes, especially if you’re renting or leasing a place. Look for movers whom you are confident in, and whose services are performed with care and integrity. Check past reviews from various review sites to see if your potential moving company has treated past customers with care.

    10. Surprise Charges or Hidden Fees

    One of the biggest things that customers are wary of when it comes to moving is finding out about hidden fees or surprise charges too late into their move to back out. When getting your free quote from a moving company, always ask about hidden fees and ensure that all possible costs are included in your initial quote.

    One of the best things you’ll benefit from when using Carey Moving & Storage is never having to worry about these red flags. Whether looking to move locally, long-distance, or internationally, see what Carey Moving & Storage can do for you to give you your best move possible. Contact us today or request a free quote online!