Tips for Moving to Asheville

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    Tips for Moving to Asheville

    We love Asheville, so it’s no surprise to us that our little city has been growing at an annual rate of 1.2% for the last 10 years. From beautiful mountains to a flourishing arts scene, Asheville has consistently topped and ranked in ‘Best-of’ lists from across categories. In 2018 it was ranked the #1 Foodie City in the world by Global Traveler and as one of the top 18 Top Destinations by Forbes Travel Guide.

    If you’re ready to pack your bags and move to Asheville, you’ll be joining thousands of others who have made the move to this up-and-coming city. Whenever a move is on the horizon, lots of questions tend to come up. How do I find housing? How can I get involved in my new community? How can I find a job or a new circle of friends?

    We’ve put together a list of tips to help Asheville movers get acclimated to their new or future neighborhood:

    • Cost of Living: the Asheville Chamber of Commerce provides an online calculator so that you know what to expect
    • Join Community Facebook Groups: Community pages and Facebook marketplace are great resources for finding out what is going on around town, job postings, and looking for furniture
    • Reddit’s Moving Guide: This weekly thread offers resources for newbies to connect with locals
    • Find a Community Hub for your Hobbies: Whether it’s bird-watching, hiking, or home-brewing, chances are there is a group out there of locals doing what you like to do.

    Whatever your reason for moving to Asheville, here at Carey Moving & Storage Asheville, we believe that this small city is a wonderful place to live. Good luck, and happy exploring! Let us know how we can help with your move-Moving, Packing, Storage etc!