Things to Know When Choosing a Moving Company

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    Things to Know When Choosing a Moving Company

    If you’re like many people in the coming months, you’re looking to make a move and give yourself a change of scenery and environment now that your lease is coming to an end and the weather is nice out. Whether you’re ready to start tackling the moving process itself already or are just toying around with the idea of moving soon, knowing what to look for in long-distance moving companies or moving and storage services goes a long way when you go to make that big decision.

    Knowing what to look for and having some education on your side when it comes to choosing a moving company goes a long way when it’s time to choose the right company for you. It’ll also save you from just going with the first search result you see when you search ‘movers near me’ into a random browser.

    From what to look for in a moving company, to what licenses and reviews your company should have, to what sort of services you should be looking for for your household items, learn everything you need to know about choosing professional local and long-distance movers is right here for you in our complete guide.

    Moving and Storage Companies: Long-Distance

    Having the right moving company on your side is incredibly important when it comes to moving long-distance. When it comes to moving out-of-state or cross country, having the right moving and storage service makes all the difference between having a successful, smooth process, and having your items delivered or packed inefficiently, or even damaged or lost. Nobody wants to tackle a huge move like that only to have everything messed up because of untrustworthy movers, after all.

    When it comes to long-distance moving, attention to detail and planning makes all the difference. When choosing a moving and storage service for long-distance moving, you need to look as early as possible at companies to make sure you give both yourself and them enough time to prepare for your relocation. Starting your search early will also give you plenty of time to do adequate research and to look for the right company for your needs. So what should you be looking for in long-distance movers?

    How to Choose Long-Distance Movers

    The best way to make sure your long-distance move goes smoothly is by having the right long-distance movers ready to go come moving day.

    Go into the process of looking for the right moving and storage company with an educated and informed perspective to avoid scams or getting overcharged by companies. The best way to gain this perspective is by shopping around as much as possible to determine what you do and don’t want from a moving company.

    Look at Reviews

    Looking at the reviews of a moving company and getting recommendations from those you trust who have worked with certain companies can make a world of difference in letting you avoid moving scams or bad movers, and in giving you an informed eye for the entire process.

    Before looking at online reviews, ask around family, friends, or trusted colleagues to see if they’ve had any really good (or really bad!) experiences with moving companies – especially over longer distances. Experiences from people you trust are the best endorsement for a moving company, and the best way to make sure you can expect a good experience as well. It’s also a good way to make sure you’ll be working with a dependable crew of professionals who will treat you and your items with respect.

    In addition to getting first-hand reviews from trusted people around you, you should also check a moving company’s reviews on third-party sites to ensure their legitimacy. Go beyond just checking their website’s reviews, as these can easily be changed or moderated to favor them and their services. Instead, look on places like the Better Business Bureau, Angie’s List, Yelp, Google Reviews, and more to see what people are saying. If the general consensus points in a positive or negative direction, trust what people have to say!

    Working with a company with a trusted presence is especially important if you’re looking to move long-distance or internationally since these types of moves require even more attention to detail and experience to transport your items safely.

    On top of looking at their reviews, also look at how a company responds to any negative reviews they might have. How they take responsibility for customers’ negative experiences will tell you a lot about their service and commitment to customer satisfaction.

    Shop Around Between Moving Companies

    Especially when shopping around for long-distance moving companies, you should always get quotes from multiple different moving companies to make sure you’re getting the best service and the best prices for your money. Never go in blindly with the services offered by the first company you talk to (at least without doing research with other companies first!). Shopping around between professional movers will allow you to not only get the best deal, but will give you a better idea of what to look for from movers, and what you expect from the service you receive.

    Shopping around for quotes and talking to many different companies will also save you from getting scammed by moving companies with nefarious intentions. Once you can properly compare and contrast the services of multiple different services, you’ll be able to get a better idea of what an accurate quote is for your move, and what kind of treatment you expect to receive.

    When speaking to local and long-distance moving companies alike, always avoid those who try to make you sign a contract immediately – especially if they refuse to provide you with an in-person quote. Also, avoid movers who ask for money or cash up front or those whose quotes are suspiciously low in price. These factors can all point to moving scams, which you’ll want to of course avoid.

    Check Your Company’s Licenses

    One of the most important things to check when looking for a moving company (and especially one for a long-distance move), is your company’s registration and licensing through the FMCSA. The FMCSA, or Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, regulates the interstate trucking industry, which includes moving trucks. Your company, especially if operating across states or over long distances, should always be properly licensed and accredited by the FMCSA. If a company does not have this license, then they’re most likely not a legitimate operation.

    If you’re wondering how to look up a company’s FMCSA license, go to the FMCSA database or to check your company’s license using their USDOT number, which should be listed on their website or given to you.

    How to Choose a Local Moving Company

    Though picking the right long-distance moving company is a lot more high-stakes than picking a local moving company due to the many moving parts involved and the distance traveled on the part of your household items and your company, having the right people on your side for a local move makes all the difference in the safety of your things and the quality of service you’re provided with.

    So what should you look for in a local moving company? When it comes to choosing the right movers near me, you should always of course factor in the steps we outlined above for those looking for long-distance movers. Though these tips are most integral for those moving over long-distance, they should also be par for the course for those looking for local movers as well.

    When looking for a local moving company, however, you should also look for the following factors to make sure you’re working with the right company for your needs:

    Check Their Qualifications

    Always look for a local company with many decades of experience in providing positive relocation services to their clients. If your client has a decade or more of experience plus positive reviews, odds are you’ll receive quality service from them and their crews.

    Familiarity with the Area

    When working with any moving company, you should always look for someone who has experience with the area you’re living in. Though this might be a given for local moves, if you’re working with a larger van line who might contract or put your move up for bid amongst smaller subsidiaries, you’ll want to make sure you’re working with crews familiar with your area and what it entails.

    Of course, besides these local moving tips, you should also compare reviews, shop around for quotes, and beware of the same red flags we outlined for those moving long-distance. Moving locally is usually cheaper and a little more straightforward than long-distance moving, however, so it might be a little easier to narrow down the right company with the right services for you. However, just with any moving company, you should always stay vigilant, do thorough research, and stay away from moving scams. Building your experience and education in how to choose a moving company will set you up for success.

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