The Ultimate Guide on How to Move Large Items into Your New Home

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    The Ultimate Guide on How to Move Large Items into Your New Home

    Preparing for a household move can be a tricky and involved process for some, and might even leave you stumped as to how to go about moving the particular large, awkward, or bulky items you might have around. When tackling a move, you need to keep in mind that you not only need an effective strategy for moving your larger items out of your home, but also moving them into your new one. Beyond just hiring the right local long distance movers who provide the right resources and tips for packing and moving large items, you’ll need to strategize and find a way to properly prepare your items for your move. 

    Large Item Movers Near Me

    Whether you’re heading across town or across the entire country, moving large items around isn’t easy, and isn’t for those not experienced in this aspect of moving. That’s why before we jump into the best moving and packing tips for your larger items, we’ll discuss the importance of having the right moving company on your side.

    For regular household items and bulky items alike, having full-service moving and packing services that are both affordable and tailored to you is imperative to make sure you’re receiving the best service and to keep your items and furniture alike safe and sound. 

    When you work with Carey Moving & Storage for your local, long-distance, or international move, you’ll get just that – the best service experience and best pricing in the industry! From start to finish, we’ll make sure that you’re satisfied and confident in your experience with us, and will work to ensure that your items (big and small!) reach your new home safely and efficiently. 

    How to Move Bulky Items

    If you’ve hired the right professional movers for your relocation, moving bulky items should be a breeze! Professional movers should always come equipped with any necessary equipment to move or transport large or bulky items. When booking your movers, make sure your representative is aware of any items that might fall into that realm so that your crew can come prepared, and so that you don’t get any surprise charges due to not mentioning your larger items. 

    So how do you prepare your large furniture for your movers’ arrival? Here are some great moving and packing tips to get you ready for moving day the right way.

    To prep large furniture, you should always:

    • Remove legs from all tables, chairs and couches (if possible).
    • Empty drawers and shelves.
    • Seperate drawers from larger furniture.
    • Dissassemble any furniture that can be separated.
    • Tape screws or other binding tools to the furniture its used in, or put these items in a bag and label them to make sure you know what goes where. Number and label both the bag and each part if you’re able to. 
    • Remove doors from items if needed. 
    •  Clear out your high-traffic areas or areas around your large items to make sure there’s a clear path to bring them out of your old home and into your new one. 
    • Cover floors and handrails in both homes to protect from damage or knicking. 
    • Wrap mattresses and put them in a mattress bag or box prior to your moving crew’s arrival. 

    Staying prepared for moving day will make your entire process go smoothly and efficiently, even with large or especially bulky items. Looking for the best local long distance mover to hand your bulky furniture with ease? Look no further than Carey Moving & Storage