Carey Moving and Storage – The Reliable Moving Company In North Carolina

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    Carey Moving and Storage – The Reliable Moving Company In North Carolina

    When the ink is drying on the mortgage paperwork, and the dust begins to settle, you realize all of your belongings need to make it to your new home. There is no question that you’d want to hire only the most reliable moving company in North Carolina to do the job. Your search for a moving company in Charlotte, NC, does not need to go further than Carey Moving and Storage.

    Carey Moving and Storage are the best Charlotte movers with services to fit all of your relocation needs. With short-distance and long-distance moving experience, your move will feel effortless as the company fully supports a seamless move to your new home.

    How Carey Moving Deals with Customers

    As a company with over 110 years of experience, Carey Moving and Storage is a family-owned company with the right personalized moving and storage solutions. The company works with every individual based on their specific needs and with realtors through the formation of long-lasting relationships.

    Offering both residential and commercial moving solutions, Carey Moving and Storage will help relocate you no matter how many items you have or how far you have to move. Each encounter with a client will feel like being welcomed home, from the initial quote and information gathering to the day of your move. The whole transition will feel seamless, leaving you with nothing to worry about.

    Past customers left nothing but wonderful reviews as a testimony to how thorough Carey Moving and Storage is when it comes to moving your belongings. The experiences detail the kept promises and smooth transitions that families have exhibited at the hands of a company with such a long track record.

    The Allied Quality Winner

    North Carolina Movers need to show their commitment to their customers through various awards. Carey Moving and Storage is a proud recipient of the Allied Quality Award. This award is given out by an exclusive group of Allied agents who determine the company with best practices, and core values and who met all expectations placed on Allied’s award.

    Carey Moving and Storage, as the top movers in Charlotte, show their commitment to customers through consistently high scores in the following four areas which helped achieve the Allied Award:

    • Home Estimate
    • Packing
    • Loading of Goods
    • Unloading of Goods

    Our Services Areas

    Carey Moving and Storage has locations across North Carolina and Tennessee. Within both states, Carey Moving and Storage has locations in Ashville, Charlotte, Greenville, Spartanburg, and Knoxville. As an Ashville moving company, amongst all the other locations, the company has a wonderful reputation for getting customers relocated no matter how far away they’re moving.

    Whether you walk into one of the locations or call over the phone, getting started with a quote is easy. In no time at all, a representative from one of the locations will supply you with the numbers you need to make the best decisions for you and your family when it comes to relocating.