Moving Resources Part 2: Moving Checklist

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    Moving Resources Part 2: Moving Checklist

    Last week we compiled a list of moving resources to help keep moving customers on track throughout the moving process. The key to a successful move is adequate preparation and planning. This week we will take a closer look at how to stay on schedule, by taking an in-depth move at Carey Moving & Storage’s suggested moving checklist and timing.

    8 Weeks Before Moving Day:
    • Decide on a mover and settle on a moving date, call and make arrangements with your chosen company
    • Begin cleaning out storage areas such as attic, basement, and shed
    • Start using up frozen food and cleaning supplies that you will not be moving with
    Six Weeks Before Moving Day:
    • Inventory possessions and make throw-away and donation piles
    • Check for tax-deductible moving expenses
    • Sort paperwork and important documents. Determine if you need anything in particular when you move such as motor vehicle paperwork or work visas
    Four Weeks Before Moving Day:
    • Arrange special transportation for pets and plants (many moving companies will not move plants)
    • Donate unwanted items to charity or plan a garage sale
    • Contact utility companies about shutting off or transferring utilities
    • Pick up packing boxes and begin packing items that won’t be needed within the month
    Three Weeks Before Moving Day
    • Arrange for necessary closures of bank accounts, request change of address with the post office, and tie up other loose ends
    • Make travel arrangements for moving day
    Two Weeks Before Moving Day
    • Focus on packing non-essential items
    • Contact your moving company to confirm moving day details
    One Week Before Moving Day
    • Drain gas and oil from power equipment such as lawn mowers and leaf blowers
    • Prepare driving instructions for your moving company
    • Conclude packing of non-essential items, organize, and label boxes.
    Three Days Before Moving Day
    • Disconnect home appliances, clean out refrigerator, and clean house
    • Put aside items you will want to personally travel with you
    • Conclude packing process, including essential items.

    We hope that this moving checklist gives you a good idea of the moving timeline and preparedness that you can expect. For all of your moving & storage needs, call Carey!