Spreading Valentine’s Day Love with Carey Moving

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    Spreading Valentine’s Day Love with Carey Moving

    This Valentine’s Day, Carey Moving took it upon ourselves to celebrate our local area realtors throughout our five branch cities and the surrounding towns who work so hard to find the best homes for their clients. As trusted area movers, we wouldn’t have a business without the work of realtors who know just how to find families the homes and apartments that are right for them. 

    The week of the 14th, we were able to bring Valentine’s Day boxes around to our real estate partners. From REMAX Executive Spartanburg and beyond, we’re proud to partner with some of the best realtors in the Carolina’s and Tennessee to bring not only the best moving experience to our clients but home-buying experience as well!

    Our Spartanburg Real Estate Partners

    While we do have five branches across three states, our home office is in Spartanburg, S.C. Who are our partners in the Spartanburg area and beyond, you might ask? Well, we’re glad you did! Among others, this week we delivered Valentine’s Day boxes to our friends at REMAX Executive Spartanburg, who is one of the leading real estate firms in both North and South Carolina. 

    We were also privileged to drop off a box to Sarah Jane Lyles, who is a trusted and reputable member of the REMAX Advantage Realty team at Tyron/Polk. Lyles specializes in historical and horse farm properties, and with 115 years in the business, we can certainly understand the importance of preserving and passing down a legacy through the generations (or to new buyers or individuals who will appreciate properties’ histories!). 

    Also located in Tyron, NC, we headed over to Foothills Realty, LLC, which is a longtime partner of ours, and who continually gives us the honor of working with their clients. 

    We couldn’t forget to stop by Rupesh Patel and the Rupesh Patel Home Selling Team to drop off our boxes of chocolates and assorted sweets. From residential homes to commercial and investment properties, Patel and her team are one of the best in the state to give clients their best property buying experiences. 

    Over in Boiling Springs, SC, we went to see Leslie Horne & Associates to both drop off some Valentine’s Day sweets and to congratulate Horne and his team on continually serving the Boiling Springs community and the growing housing market in the area. Housing prices have gone up 13% in the last year, but Leslie Horne & Associates continue to get their clients the best deals possible, despite the competition in Boiling Springs’ real estate market. 

    It’s these realtors and realty agencies (plus our other partners who we said hi to!) that truly drive the market and the happiness of their clients throughout the area. There’s nothing better than knowing that you’ve successfully found a family a home that truly fits their vision and needs – and they experience this every day!

    As a local Spartanburg moving company, we’re proud to partner with some of the best realtors in the area to add on to this beneficial experience by moving their clients into their dream homes, and providing them with a communicative, affordable, and stress-free moving process. No matter where you’re headed in Spartanburg or the surrounding areas, Carey Moving & Storage and our real estate partners have you all taken care of from start to finish.