Small Town Living..for Free? How to Get Free Land

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    Small Town Living..for Free? How to Get Free Land

    If we told you towns in Kansas were offering you the opportunity to own land for free, would you go for it? Well as it turns out, they are! Many small towns in the plains of Kansas are giving away land or offering homes for super cheap – but is it worth it? Let’s explore the offerings and potential of taking advantage of this unique opportunity. 

    Why are People Moving to the Great Plains?

    In short, many people from big cities or expensive areas have been moving to the Great Plains as of late, due to the attractiveness of low housing prices and value for their money. However, it’s not for everyone: living in rural Kansas or the Great Plains has many benefits and drawbacks that can impact people in different ways. Is it for you? 

    Free Land in Kansas

    Before diving into the potential for free land and cheap housing in the Great Plains, let’s first figure out why this land is available in the first place, and how this can factor into whether or not you’d like to take advantage of the opportunity. 

    After agricultural jobs became less and less widespread or necessary after farming became more and more mechanized, these areas experienced a high level of population loss. This is mainly due to commercial farming operations taking over, and fewer local or family-run farms being in business. Additionally, fewer and fewer jobs were available in the area, which caused people to look for them elsewhere.  

    There are many small towns in the Great Plains and Kansas due to previous factors related to Manifest Destiny in the late 1800s and farming bombs that brought about thriving (but very secular) local economies in each. However, when people moved out, the area was left with tons of small towns that had lost their economic centers. 

    The huge amount of sparsely populated small towns in Kansas and the Great Plains has also stretched the ability of government services, schools, health care, and the ability to hang onto local businesses. To correct this problem and try to build these small towns’ populations back up, areas have resorted to implementing tons of initiatives to attract new residents. One of these initiatives can be found in the town of Marquette, which is offering 60 free lots to anybody interested in moving into the area and building a house. 27 towns in Kansas have also implemented similar free land programs to correct population loss problems. 

    Benefits and Drawbacks of Small Town Living

    Getting a huge amount of free land and building a home to live in sounds like a great investment and a great opportunity, and you would be right! However, before you take advantage of these programs, make sure small town Great Plains living is up your alley. 

    Drawbacks of Free Land Program

    First, though you might be getting the land for free, you’re not getting a home for free – taking advantage of this program still means spending a considerable amount of money on building a home for yourself and your family. Additionally, if you eventually want to move, keep in mind that the house may sell for less than you paid to build it due to the sparse population and housing demand. 

    Benefits of the Free Land Program

    The benefits of the free land programs in many areas of the Great Plains not only lies in the free land itself, but in the potential the area has. As these areas begin to get built up again, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of living in a growing community. As work-from-home situations become more normal, more and more people are relocating to areas with a lower cost of living and a more laid-back lifestyle. This is also a prime situation for work-from-home office workers since the job market in these areas is a bit more sparse. 

    If you’re interested in taking advantage of the free land programs implemented across the Great Plains, there’s no better time to do so than now! With the amount of potential, these areas have, plus the low cost of living and ability to make whatever sort of life you’d like for yourself, moving to these areas could be an ideal situation for many. 

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