Small Details, Big Payoffs – What Not to Forget When Moving!

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    Small Details, Big Payoffs – What Not to Forget When Moving!

    When in the midst of planning or pulling off a move, it’s easy to get out of sorts and forget small details. However, some of those small details can end up being really annoying later on, and you’ll wish you had made a checklist or kept track of them while you were moving, so you didn’t have to deal with them later on. Make sure to prepare well in advance, and follow this tips to make sure you’re not forgetting anything that will cause a headache in the future!

    Moving Day

    There are a lot of things that go on during your moving day besides the actual move itself. Especially if you’re doing a local move, there’s a lot to coordinate for both moving out, and moving in to your new place. 

    Daycare or Pet Sitting

    To keep your kids or pets out of harm’s way (or just out of the way of your movers), don’t forget to make arrangements for your kids or pets to stay at a friend or family member’s house while things are being moved and transported. If no one can watch them, see if you can drop them off at a daycare or pet daycare facility for the day to take their minds off of the stressful situation at hand. Plus, with them safe, comfortable, and having fun, you will have less on your mind while trying to coordinate your move. 

    Keep Everything Labelled

    This applies for both prior to your moving day and during, but make sure all of your boxes and items are labelled – especially if you’re about to embark on a long distance move. This makes things a lot easier both on you, since you’ll know where everything is while you unpack, but also on your movers, who will know not to place certain boxes on top of others or to take extra care with fragile boxes. Plus, organization is key in packing and unpacking efficiently.

    Moving Vehicles

    If you’re currently living in a city or in an apartment building, you might not have access to a driveway to pull a moving van into. Plus, some apartment buildings require notice as to when you intend to move in, and if you’ll need use of any service elevators, etc., or permits to park moving vans on small roads. If there’s no secure or off street parking available for your movers, make sure to prepare well in advance to make sure you have parking spots staked out, or have the proper permits secured to park a moving van both at your current and near your new address.

    Have Your Mail Forwarded and Notify Your Banks

    A common thing people forget about during a move is having their mail forwarded and changing their billing addresses on their bank accounts, cards, or loans. This can cause a bigger headache later on, so make sure you have everything updated and taken care of before you end up missing mail or having a payment declined because of a wrong address. 

    No matter where you find yourself moving, a lot of times, it’s the small details that really make things count when pulling off a successful relocation. Make sure to cover all of your bases and don’t leave any small details for later. 

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