Senior Moving Services: What To Know When Hiring Help for Your Loved One

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    Senior Moving Services: What To Know When Hiring Help for Your Loved One

    Aging is part of life, and while some may not consider possible lifestyle changes until they or their loved one gets to a certain age, the truth is that some problem solving may be needed when it comes to senior relocations. Senior citizens often have different needs when it comes to their living situations and relocation options. Retirement, home sales, and nursing home relocations are all situations in which senior citizens may need specialized service from a moving company. Luckily there are moving companies that can specialize in senior moves, taking care of the detailed planning and execution of senior-specific moving needs. Carey Moving & Storage is one such company.

    Senior Moving

    People across the senior spectrum are moving for a variety of reasons. Whatever the reason and scope of you or your loved one’s move, we can be of service. Whether you are moving to a smaller local residence, to a sunny beach in Florida, or in with family members, you can put your mind at ease that your moving company will handle all of the planning and details.

    Types of Senior Moves We Can Assist With

    • Downsizing or apartment moves, locally or to another state or country
    • Moving into a retirement or 55+ community locally or to another state or country
    • Moving in with relatives
    • Moving to an assisted care living facility or nursing home

    Other Senior Moving-Related Services

    Moving isn’t always just about getting your belongings from point A to point B. Sometimes there are lots of other tasks and details involved. At Carey Moving & Storage, we understand that taking care of all of the steps needed to move can be overwhelming. That is why we offer the following moving-related services for senior citizens.

    • Estate distribution – if you or your loved one is downsizing, we can coordinate the transfer of family heirlooms, antiques, furniture, or other objects that will not be relocating to the owner’s new residence. We will travel with the belongings and deliver them to family members, friends, or storage facilities.
    • Packing & unpacking – wrapping your belongings and putting them into boxes can be difficult if you are a senior citizen. Don’t worry about buying all of the materials that you need and lifting fragile or heavy objects throughout the packing and unpacking processes. Our professional packing team can do it for you.

    Find Out What Carey Can Do For You

    At Carey, we understand that sometimes life comes with big changes. That is why we are here to make you or your loved one’s transition to a new living situation as easy as possible. We will handle all of the planning, preparation, and moving of your belongings with care and compassion, as well as attention to detail!

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