Planning Ahead – When To Hire Your Moving Company

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    Planning Ahead – When To Hire Your Moving Company

    How Far in Advance do I Need to Hire a Moving Company?

    It depends. On average, most people call a mover 30 to 45 days prior to their move date. But there are a few things to consider when scheduling time for a move estimate.

    • Long Distance vs. Local Move — if you are moving around the corner a bit of procrastination may not hurt – and you are safe calling within two-four weeks before your move, but when moving to a new state, there is much more involved in organizing a plan. Consider calling a mover much sooner (4-6 weeks). And note that many interstate movers require a minimum of 7-10 days advance notice to schedule a move – so please do not call at the last minute if your move date is firm.
    • Summer moves – the majority of moves happen in the summer (May-August. If you are planning to move then, there is greater likelihood that your preferred mover may not have your move date available (most good movers are booked 2-3 months out). To avoid this, it is advised to call as soon as possible (at least four weeks in advance). Moving in the other seasons will give you much more flexibility with move dates.
    • Day of the week/month – the most popular time to move is the end of the month– so if you need to move then, or on a weekend, call soon. If you can move mid-week and mid-month when movers are usually not as busy, you will have an easier time getting the move date you need.
    • How complex is your move?– a typical 1-2 bedroom apartment or house is usually a fairly simple move… But if you have a large house (4 bedrooms +), a lot of items to move, or have unique needs (crating, specialty packing, storage, etc.), you probably want to allow extra time.

    Moving industry experts advise contacting movers four to six weeks ahead of your scheduled move or longer if it is a complicated job.

    If you have a move on the horizon, Carey Moving & Storage can help you get to where you need to go. Fill out your free move quote today to receive help with your local, long distance, or international move.

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