Packing Outdoor Supplies & Gardening Equipment

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    Packing Outdoor Supplies & Gardening Equipment

    Packing requires a lot of planning and careful placement, as well as knowledge of moving laws and regulations. Outdoor items such as gardening pots and handheld tools should be tightly secured and wrapped in moving boxes with protective layers. Other outdoor landscaping tools may be considered hazardous and need alternative moving solutions. Here is a guide to packing outdoor supplies and gardening equipment.

    • Identify outdoor supplies and materials that may be considered hazardous
      • Hazardous materials cannot legally be moved by a professional moving company. This includes fertilizers, pesticides, and other outdoor-use chemicals. Check local ordinances to make sure that you dispose of these items correctly.
      • Properly dispose of any paint or other flammables that you may have.
      • Drain oil and gas from outdoor equipment such as lawn mowers and leaf blowers.
    • Collect packing supplies for your outdoor items
      • Packing boxes
      • Moving blankets
      • Bubble wrap and/or packing peanuts
      • Tape
    • Pack gardening tools securely in small boxes (the heavier the items, the smaller the box should be)
      • Wrap handheld tools such as small shovels, garden scissors, and pruning shears in plenty of protective bubble wrap to contain sharp edges
    • Carefully wrap all gardening pots
      • Use plenty of bubble wrap to make sure gardening pots are safe and secure
    • Prepare your power tools for moving
      • Double check to make sure all power tools are drained of liquids
      • Wrap spark plugs in cardboard or other protective layers
      • Cover exposed sharp edges such as blades in bubble wrap to ensure safe moving
      • Wrap large items such as lawn mowers in a moving blanket

    We hope that this guide to packing outdoor supplies and gardening equipment is of service to you. Carey Moving & Storage is here for you should you be planning for your next relocation.