Office Moving in 2020

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    Office Moving in 2020

    The global pandemic has forced companies of all kinds and sizes to rethink the way that they do business. For many, morning commutes have shifted from driving down the freeway to walking down the hallway. Team meetings have shifted to team zoom calls. Office celebrations such as birthdays and promotions now take place over a digital space. Even after work happy hour has taken on a whole new meaning. Office moving this year may look a lot different than it has in the past.

    As the country opens back up and we continue to move forward, many companies are considering ways in which they can create a safer environment for their employees. Some companies are reimagining altogether what a work space can look like. Here are some ways to promote a safe and healthy office space.

    • Clean and sanitize – if the office has been empty for the last few months, make sure to do a deep cleaning and sanitizing of the office space before inviting employees back to work. Design a rigorous cleaning schedule in order to maintain sanitation standards once the office is back open.
    • Enforce social distancing – only invite employees back who are required to be there. If you have tasks that can continue to be done online, promote working from home. Set up desks and tables so that they remain six feet apart from one another.
    • Downsize or upsize – If sizing demands have changed in light of the pandemic, consider moving your office elsewhere. If you have a large team of people who can continue to work remotely, then downsizing may be appropriate. If you require most of your staff to be in the office and it is close quarters, upgrading to a larger office may be the safest solution.
    • Utilize storage facilities – in order to make more office space so that your employees can feel safe at work, move all unnecessary documents, equipment, and furniture into storage until the pandemic situation changes.

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