Moving Trends to Look Out for in 2022

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    Moving Trends to Look Out for in 2022

    Curious about how moving trends have shifted recently? Over the course of 2020 and 2021, the housing market has seen unprecedented and an unpredictable amount of change due to the ongoing effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

    From people moving away from crowded cities and more toward the spaced-out suburbs, to individuals and families alike moving long-distance or to locations they’ve always wanted to live in due to permanent work-from-home office environments, or opportunities for remote work from new companies. 

    The moving process itself has also experienced its own set up challenges due to the pandemic, which has also changed the way that people move in 2022. As things continue to evolve and fluctuate in the current market, it can be tough to predict when the right time to buy for you might be. So what do you need to look out for in 2022? Let us fill you in on all things 2022 moving!

    2022 Housing Market Predictions

    In 2021, the housing market was truly considered a ‘seller’s market’, in every sense of the word. There was a low inventory of houses for sale, which created high competition, and what drove high housing prices. 

    An influx of people to previously not well-known or heavily populated areas have also seen unprecedented growth in their community over the past year or two, which can also make markets without much up for sale even more competitive and expensive. 

    2022 Trends: More Houses for Sale

    In 2022, forecasters predict that though we are seeing housing prices continue to grow over the next 2 years, things will actually start to level out and prices will get less so. As the market stabilizes and the ‘new normal’ starts to become the market standard, people will feel more comfortable adding their homes into the mix as they look for new opportunities and new areas to move to. 

    2022 Trends: City Dwellers will Only Move Short Distances

    For city dwellers committed to staying in their environment, 2022 forecasters predict that they’ll only move short distances around their existing areas, and will focus more on their home individually, rather than looking for a change in environment or scenery. 

    2022 Trends: Suburban Living

    Though city dwellers are more likely to stay in their existing areas after 2021, remote work is allowing more people than ever to disconnect themselves from their prior commutes, and move out of cities if they so desire. If people do decide to leave their city residences in 2022, trends predict that they’ll be headed long-distances, and to other more spacious states entirely. 

     Traditional city setups don’t work for everyone anymore, and more individuals than ever since 2020 are scoping out the suburbs for more space, fresh air, and just less population density. 

    Whether you’re planning on moving in 2022 or not, it’s important to make note of current moving trends to figure out when it might be right to make the change you’ve been thinking of. Since things haven’t stabilized or normalized completely since the 2020 onset of COVID-19, the market can still easily fluctuate, especially as people lean more and more into remote work, and hence flock to areas that suit them, more so than areas close to work. 

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