Moving Out? Quick Tips to Make Sure You Get Your Full Deposit Back

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    Moving Out? Quick Tips to Make Sure You Get Your Full Deposit Back

    When moving to a new location, the condition of your current home might get overlooked until the last few days you have there. Cleaning your old place should be made a priority before you leave if you hope to get your full deposit back.

    Before packing up all of your items, go on a tour of your home and see what needs cleaning or touching up – you may have to grab some spackling or paint from the store to cover any nicks or holes left in your walls from any wall hangings. Read below for the things to touch up and clean before you move to your new home.

    1. Remove all nails, push pins, etc. from wall and patch holes.

    Take down all wall decorations and spackle any holes or paint chipping from hangings.

    1. Repaint or touch up chipped paint.

    Look around the house and look for stray marks or stains on your walls and touch up as needed.

    1. Wipe down baseboards and all doors.

    Clean doors and wipe down all baseboards in the house – these areas are often overlooked and can accrue at lot of dust and dirt.

    1. Dust lights and high surfaces.

    A lot of higher surfaces, lights, or fans, can go unnoticed often and gather a lot of dust. Make sure to dust and wipe down all fixtures.

    1. Clean windows and mirrors.

    Clean windows and mirrors with glass cleaner to rid them of dirt and stains.

    1. Deep clean all sinks, showers, tubs, and toilets.

    Make sure all grime and muck is deep cleaned from highly used fixtures like toilets, showers, and sinks – you may not notice it, but your landlord will.

    1. Deep clean all appliances.

    Make sure all kitchen appliances look new and shiny.

    1. Sweep, vacuum, and mop all floors.

    Make sure all floors are cleared and vacuumed accordingly.

    1. Make sure all trash is taken out.

    Having trash laying around is an automatic hit for your deposit – make sure everything is taken out before you leave.

    1. After you’re packed, double check all cabinets, closets, and the dishwashers to make sure everything is cleaned out and wipe them down.

    Make sure nothing is left in any random closets, cabinets, or in the dishwasher – that last load of dishes can be easy to forget, but can be taken from your deposit if your landlord has to get rid of them!

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