Moving Off Season

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    Moving Off Season

    How to Save Money and Stress by Moving Off-Season

    If you’ve ever been outside during the summer, it’s kind of a given that you’ll see at least a few moving trucks here and there, or cars packed full of items moving from one place to another. Plus, if you’ve ever tried to look for apartments, houses, or any new place with a July or August move-in date, you know competition is fierce, prices are high, and houses go like hot cakes. This doesn’t even take into account how difficult it can be to book a moving company or rent a moving truck during peak moving months – it can be next to impossible! The real moving hack that can save you money and a whole lot of hassle is to move off-season, that is, not during the months of April-September. 

    Perks of Moving Off-Season

    The biggest perk of moving off-season is the amount of options you have. If you have the option to do so, try to move in the autumn or early winter. This time is past the peak of moving season, but still leaves you with moving-friendly and workable weather. 

    Housing Options

    A lot of people’s leases end in late spring or summer, and hence the competition for finding new housing is fierce. It can be really tough to find a new place without it being snatched from you almost as soon as you’ve viewed it. When looking for a place with a later move-in date, a lot of landlords will be more flexible, and many properties will be running specials to try and get their spaces rented out during the off season. This allows you to get better deals on housing, and have more flexible options. 

    Scheduling Movers

    Another perk to moving in the off season is the ability to book movers or rent moving trucks with ease. Things are much quieter for movers during this time, and this allows for you to be more flexible with your movers, and even negotiate for a better price.


    If you’ve ever moved during the summer, you know handling heavy furniture or making constant trips with boxes to and from your moving trucks in very high heat is uncomfortable and overall less than ideal. With the cooler temperatures, you can move much more comfortably and safely. 

    If possible, moving off-season is truly the way to go! Whether you can negotiate a month-to-month lease to move later in the season, or sign a lease that extends past peak moving months, if you can pull it off, move during the autumn or early winter months. You’ll be a lot more comfortable, have room to negotiate, and have more housing options!

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