Moving During Coronavirus? Things to Consider

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    Moving During Coronavirus? Things to Consider

    With the pandemic showing no signs of slowing down, there are many parts of our everyday lives that have needed to be altered. What about moving? While taking on the challenge of moving during coronavirus may seem daunting, there are things to consider to help set your mind at ease. How you choose the right moving company, how you go through the preparation process, and how you treat moving day itself will all determine how safe your move is. Here are some things to consider as you get ready to move.

    1. Hire a moving company that is taking safety precautions seriously – Carey Moving & Storage has a strong approach to moving customers during the pandemic. Ask your movers what they are doing to keep customers and staff safe.
    2. Stay home in the weeks leading up to your move – if possible, limit your risk of exposure by avoiding a lot of trips out into the world. A successful moving day will only be possible if you are healthy.
    3. Buy new packing products – don’t reuse boxes collected from stores.
    4. Sanitize as you go along – keep the house clean as you pack and be sure to use a lot of sanitizing wipes on surfaces and objects.
    5. Stay healthy – boost your immune system with vitamins and a healthy diet if you have a move coming up.
    6. On moving day, practice health and safety protocols – keep your distance, wear a mask, and offer your movers a handwashing station in order to reduce the risk of spread.
    7. Contact your moving company immediately if you or anyone in your household falls ill. Many moving companies are monitoring the health of their staff and will not send anyone who is under the weather to your home.

    While moving during coronavirus may seem scary, moving companies are doing the important work of helping customers get to where they need to go. When everybody works together to keep each other safe, the overall risk factor does go down.

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