Moving Day Tips

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    Moving Day Tips

    After months of research and planning, your moving day has arrived. At this point, the majority of your packing is done and all you have to do is await the arrival of hired movers to load up the van or truck and set off for your new home.

    Incorporating these moving day tips will ensure a smooth sailing day for all parties involved.

    • Be present when the movers arrive at your home
    • Discuss the delivery arrangements fully with your driver
    • Have beds stripped and ready to be packed
    • Conserve your energy! Let the moving crew disassemble large items like pool tables or swing sets
    • Tell your driver how to reach you at your destination and en route
    • Keep in contact with the mover’s agent at your destination while you are in transit

    Keep calm and move on! Call Carey to learn more about our moving and storage services or to discuss additional moving day questions you have.