Long-Distance Moving Checklist

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    Long-Distance Moving Checklist

    Coordinating a long-distance or out-of-state move can be an overwhelming and intimidating process, even for those who have handled moves like these a time or two before. However, this is an incredibly exciting time for anyone – and don’t let stress get you down! 

    Plus, when you stay prepared and get ready well in advance of your move, you can set yourself up for success. Stay prepared and know what to take care of with Carey Moving & Storage’s long-distance moving checklist. 

    People move out of their homes to new ones for a plethora of reasons – looking for a change of scenery, moving in search of better weather, looking for more value for your money when it comes to housing, or relocating for work purposes, there’s always a good reason to head somewhere new! Moving out of state can give you a completely new perspective and take on life, so if you want to do it, the time is now!

    The Best Long-Distance Moving Company for You

    If you’re looking for long-distance movers that will provide you with attentive service and affordable prices, you’re looking for the best professional moving specialists in North Carolina – Carey Moving & Storage! We have the experience and expertise to get your household items delivered safely and soundly to your new home. 

    When you use Carey Moving & Storage as your professional moving company, you’ll have access to both the best out-of=state moving services, but also the best resources and customer service. Plus, we’ve got everything you need to coordinate prepare properly with our long-distance moving checklist before you head out. 

    How to Have the Best Long-Distance Move

    Before you start off on your out-of-state move, look into the neighborhoods you’re interested in moving to, and make sure you know where you want to move. Before you lock down a home in a certain neighborhood or area, try to see if it’s possible to visit in person and get a proper feel for the places you’re looking at. 

    Unfortunately, if that’s not possible, make sure to research the places you’re interested in as well as possible so you can get a proper feel for how each would fit your lifestyle, commute, recreational interests. Plus, if you have kids or pets you’ll have to take them into account as well.

    The Difference in the Cost of Living

    When embarking on a long-distance move, make sure to take into account the expenses involved in moving, and how they can impact you long-term. Additionally, do your research on the difference in the cost of living between your current area and your future one. 

    Look into everyday expenses like gas, groceries, utilities, or healthcare, plus larger ones like tax rates in your differing states. Think of how these costs can make a difference in your quality of life and what you can and cannot afford.  

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    Book Your Movers Proactively

    After figuring out where you’d like to move, the next step in your journey is to book your moving and storage company well ahead of time. Leave at least a month ahead of time to book your movers, and ideally leave two to three. This will let you lock in your moving date and work things around your schedule and moving timeline.

    Looking for the right long-distance movers to properly handle your out-of-state moving needs? Check out Carey Moving & Storage’s moving services to find the right out-of-state moving plan for you.