It’s a Hot Market – Literally!

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    It’s a Hot Market – Literally!

    The dog days of summer are here — and it is hot in most of the country.

    When you move in the summer it is helpful to take the heat into consideration.  Here are a few tips to help plan a summertime move:

    1. Plan ahead — have a move plan to make your move go smoothly and quickly.  Try to pre-pack as much as you can before move day and select a mid-month move day (if possible) to have more flexibility and fresher move crews
    2. Start early — schedule your movers early in the morning and try to get the heavier items loaded before the summer mid-day sun gets too hot
    3. Know your route — avoid traffic that might keep slow you and your moving truck down in the summer heat
    4. Stay indoors — be mindful of the heat and try to move outdoor items in the early morning, prepare an indoor move staging area, and minimize the time movers have to spend in the hot sun.
    5. Use your utilities – you may want to run the air conditioner a bit more than usual to account for movement, more body heat, and open doors. And if possible, turn on the AC at destination before the movers arrive.
    6. A few fans  — a few well-placed fans can help keep the move work area cooler
    7. Mind your items – the heat and sun and affect perishables, electronics and other household items – so try to minimize the time they are left outside while loading the truck.
    8. Stay hydrated – most important, have lots of water and other hydrating beverages, fruit, and snacks to make sure that you and your move crew stay hydrated and have energy.  A well hydrated move crew will be able to work better through the heat and you can  help avoid any heat related mishaps.

    Beat the heat with a cool move – call Carey Moving for all of professional moving advice.

    Happy Moving!