How to Prepare Clothes for Moving Day

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    How to Prepare Clothes for Moving Day

    A lot of people have a ton of clothes! Some never get rid of any at all. So when moving day comes around, it’s important to take it as an opportunity to sort and organize, so that you are not moving extra weight.

    Here are some tips for getting your wardrobe ready for moving day:

    1. Throw away anything with holes or large stains – these clothes should be the easiest to get rid of. Anything without sentimental value that has holes or stains probably isn’t worth keeping or donating.
    2. Make donations bags – donations bins and charities are great places to discard of your unwanted clothing. Be sure to keep matching items like shoes and bathing suits together. Drop off at your local charity or goodwill for the chance to receive a tax write-off for your donation.
    3. Pack away clothing that you wish to keep – suitcases are a great place to pack fabrics. Another option is to keep clothing in your dresser drawers, and to wrap the entire dresser in shrink wrap. The better you pack, the more organized you will be.
    4. Don’t be afraid to let go of things! The average American throws away an average of 81 pounds of clothing each year! That’s a lot of clothes. Letting go of unwanted clothing before moving day is a great way to cut down on moving costs and labor.

    If you are unsure about how to best pack your belongings, give your moving company a call with questions. Otherwise, locate your local Goodwill and get to work!

    Happy Moving! From Carey Moving & Storage