How to Get on Your New Neighbors’ Good Side Post Move

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    How to Get on Your New Neighbors’ Good Side Post Move

    Moving soon? Besides all of the packing, moving company research and booking, and traveling plans you have to make (nevermind house hunting or apartment hunting!), there are a few things to consider when trying to make your transition as smooth as possible. 

    Especially if you have children who you want to make friends with in your new neighborhood or area, or if you’re trying to make new friends as well, it can be really important to make sure you make the best impression possible on your new neighbors once you move in. After all, you’re going to be living near them for the foreseeable future – hopefully your coexistence will be an enjoyable one!

    Make Your Neighbors Like You!

    When you first move in, you might feel pressure to immediately introduce yourself to your neighbors, or on the other side of things, might want to avoid them as much as possible so you can focus on getting you and your household properly moved in. However, if you want to make a good first impression, while not setting up any sort of expectations for you or your neighbors’ relationship, here are some great ways to make your neighbors like you. 

    Tips for Making a Good First Impression

    Introduce Yourself – On Your Own Time!

    Like we said, it’s important not to try and pressure or rush yourself into introducing yourself or meeting your new neighbors before you’re comfortable and ready. At the very least, just wait until some of that residual moving stress has worn off and you’re feeling a little bit more settled. 

    If you’re moving from a nearby area, you can also get introductions or awkward run-ins out of the way beforehand by introducing yourself before you even move in! If you’re scouting the house to see what appliances or furniture to get, painting, taking measurements, or otherwise preparing for move-in day, take a walk or go next store to casually say hi, introduce yourself, and let them know to watch out to movers or general rukus as you move in. 

    Exchange Phone Numbers

    Once you’re settled in and a little more comfortable in your surroundings, exchange contact information with your neighbors if you haven’t done so already. This can be really helpful in the event of an emergency, and is a great initial step to build trust. 

    Eventually, if you and your neighbor become close, you can even give them an extra key in case you lose your’s!


    Have a Housewarming Party

    Another great way to make a first impression on your neighbors is by throwing a small housewarming party. Don’t try to throw a raging house party – a noise complaint probably isn’t the right foot to start off on with your new neighbors, but a nice kickback or barbeque is a great way to say hi and get to know people. 

    No matter where you’re moving, it’s always good to maintain a friendly relationship with those who live around you. Whether you’re just casual acquaintances who wave to one another on the street, or if you eventually become close friends, having neighbors on good terms is integral to how comfortable you’ll feel in your new neighborhood. Looking to make a move? Contact Carey Moving today for a free quote.