How to Get An Accurate Move Cost Estimate

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    How to Get An Accurate Move Cost Estimate

     Looking at the financial angle of a relocation is part of any move process. Whether you are planning a small apartment-sized move, or a large corporate one, you will want to do plenty of research ahead of time to figure out what your budget will need to be. We have collected some tips for you to consider while budgeting your next relocation on how to get an accurate move cost estimate:

    • Shop around – experts suggest getting quotes from 3-5 moving companies. You want to make sure you are choosing the best service for the best rate.
    • Call your mover 4-6 weeks ahead of time for a residential move – getting a quote ahead of time can be a lifesaver. If your move is more complicated, you will want to call ahead even sooner.
    • Ask for an in-home estimate – the Better Business Bureau suggests being wary of companies that only offer a quote over phone or email – this could be an indication that you are getting scammed. In-home estimates ensure that the company you are working with is considering all of your belongings in their quote.
    • Prepare for your in-home estimate – make a list of all large items in your home, including belongings in the basement, attic, and outdoor furniture. A thorough in-home estimate will need to be done in order to get an accurate quote.

    Preparing to move can be a daunting experience, but if you plan ahead, organize your belongings, and shop around for the best deal and moving company, you will be sure to have a smooth moving experience. Fill out the Carey free move quote online today to get started.

    Happy moving!

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