How to Choose the Right Movers

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    How to Choose the Right Movers

    One of the most important things you can do when planning a move is to use the right moving company to help in your relocation. This is especially for those getting ready to embark on a long-distance move since so many more variables need to come together to ensure that your items arrive safely, quickly, and efficiently.

    Many people move for various reasons – from needing a change of scenery or a new outlook on life to moving for work or school, or simply because you can afford another area much easier than your current one. If you’re getting ready to prepare for a relocation, however, it can be hard to know where to even start in finding the right moving company to help with your household’s needs and requirements.

    Knowing what to look for in movers and giving yourself the right education that will give you the tools to choose a moving company will make a huge difference in not just choosing the right movers, but in getting the right pricing and overall services for your needs. So, what do you need to look for in professional movers, and how do you start your search off the right way?

    In this blog, we’ll cover not only how to research a moving company, but also what to look for as far as licenses and reviews for your potential company, plus what kind of services you should ask for and how to know you’re working with true professionals who have your best interests in mind. Keep reading for everything you might need to know about how to choose the right professional local and long-distance movers in our complete guide.

    How to Choose Long-Distance Movers

    If you’re taking on a long-distance move, having professional movers who operate with integrity and efficiency can make or break your entire relocation.

    When researching long-distance movers, finding a company that approaches your process with an informed and educated outlook on moves will let you avoid potential moving scams or getting overcharged due to not being familiar with relocation pricing.

    Remember, the best way to educate and gain perspective on what to look for in the moving process is to shop around as many companies as possible to figure out what you are and aren’t looking for.

    • Get Word-of-Mouth Recommendations

    Ask around family, friends, or trusted colleagues about the moving companies they may have used in the past to see if they’ve had any particularly positive experiences with moving companies, especially for long-distance moves.

    First-hand experiences from those you trust will always be the most reliable endorsement for a moving company and will give you confidence that you’re going to get the pricing and treatment you deserve from movers.

    • Look at Company Reviews

    The first thing you should do when looking for the right long-distance moving company is to look at a company’s online reviews. We’re not just referring to the ones listed on their website, either. These reviews can easily be moderated or made to show only the favorable ones. Instead, go on third-party review sites like Yelp, Google Reviews, or the Better Business Bureau to get a general sense of the overall customer experience people have gotten from your potential company.

    Working with a company with a trusted presence is especially important if you’re looking to move long-distance or internationally since these types of moves require even more attention to detail and experience to transport your items safely.

    When looking at reviews, look at how a company responds to any negative reviews it might have received. Are they friendly, and courteous, and do they take responsibility and express a want to make things right? This response will tell you a lot about their level of customer service.

    • Shop Around

    When looking for long-distance movers, always get quotes from multiple companies to effectively compare pricing and value. Never just go with the services offered by the first company you talk to without looking into other options. Shopping around will let you get the best deal and value, and will give you a better idea of what you truly need from your movers regarding specialty services and budget.

    Shopping around for quotes and talking to many companies will also save you from getting scammed by companies that aren’t legitimate, or just ones that don’t have your best interests in mind.

    • Check Licensing

    Long-distance moving requires a lot of trust from you and a lot of dependability on the part of your movers. Before hiring a company, always check their registration and licensing with the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration).

    Your company should always provide you with their USDOT number so that you can check their registration and licensing through the FMCSA directly, or through Remember, if the company doesn’t give you this number or publicly list this, or if they don’t come up in either database, it’s a prime indicator of the operator being a scam.

    How to Choose Local Movers

    There’s no doubt that choosing the right long-distance moving company for you can be high-stakes; you are entrusting your items to these companies over very long distances, after all. However, local moving should also never be discounted as to how much you need to prepare and do your research to make things go smoothly. To choose a local moving company, you should of course factor in the tips we’ve included for long-distance movers, but should also take a few other aspects into account before making your commitment. When looking for local moving companies, consider the following:

    • Their Qualifications

    Look for local movers who have not just the expertise to get your items to your new home safely and efficiently – make sure they have the experience to back it up! Look for companies with decades of proven customer satisfaction, positive reviews, and plenty of moves under their belt that reflect the needs your move might have.

    • Community/Area Familiarity

    Using movers who know your area and community will give you a next-level moving experience that will be smooth and easy. Though you might think this would be a given for movers in your area, working with van lines that don’t know your area can leave you with movers who don’t know how to navigate your area in the best way.

    Regardless of whether you’re looking for long-distance moving services or a local moving company just to take you a couple of miles, having professional movers you can trust will let you have the best possible experience that will let you prioritize your budget and confidence in your company throughout your relocation – no matter the distance or size. Looking for the best movers for you? Use Carey Moving & Storage to upgrade your moving experience today.