How to Choose a Long Distance Moving Company

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    How to Choose a Long Distance Moving Company

    How to Choose a Reliable Long Distance Moving Company

    Searching for a moving company to assist you with your long-distance relocation? Although there are plenty of moving companies out there, the reality is that some movers don’t have the proper qualifications or quality of service to be worth your time and money.

    For that reason, many people end up falling victim to moving scams orchestrated by rogue movers – something that can be detrimental to your move as a whole and your finances.

    If you want to avoid these scams and find a moving company that can fulfill your needs wholly, how can you go about this process?

    When you need to complete a thorough search for a reliable long distance moving company, it’s important to go into the process with the proper knowledge. Discover our guide on finding dependable movers, and make your long distance move as convenient and easy as possible!

    Importance of Research in Choosing a Moving Company

    You might be thinking, “I’m just searching for a moving company. What’s the big deal?” Although choosing movers might not seem like the most serious decision, it is crucial to consider the fact that many moving companies aren’t as great as they appear on the surface. In recent years, rogue movers have become a widespread issue, and approximately 3,000 people deal with their scams each year. Who are these bad actors in the moving industry?

    Rogue movers, in the simplest terms, are the scammers of the moving world, typically luring customers in by promising a fraudulently low rate up front and then charging much more in the end.

    Because of these scammers and their prevalence, conducting thorough research is a huge aspect of investing in a moving company for your long-distance relocation. Otherwise, you run the risk of wasting time and money on the untrustworthy services of rogue movers.

    As you investigate more about these companies in your search, there are a few red flags to keep an eye out for. Learn more about the warning signs below…

    • Lack of an in-person estimate: If your moving company doesn’t schedule an in-home assessment to provide your quote, this is the first sign that they aren’t the right one for your move. Unless they offer a reliable virtual survey as an alternative, be wary of working with this company. When a moving professional isn’t thoroughly assessing your home, they aren’t able to determine an accurate or realistic price point for your relocation.
    • Offering a suspiciously low price: If it seems too good to be true, it almost certainly is. Moving scams often involve providing a low price at first and then charging a much larger amount in the end.
    • Improper licensing: Unable to find a company’s credentials? That’s a bad sign. A dependable moving company will almost always have their MC number or USDOT number readily available on their website, as these certifications are required for their operation. Finding these numbers shouldn’t be difficult, and if it is, you should steer clear.
    • Incomplete or missing contracts: Never sign a contract with blank or missing information, and always avoid a company that doesn’t provide a contract at all. Your contract with a reputable moving company will be complete and include all aspects of their service and the price you will pay. Be sure to thoroughly review any documents prior to signing.
    • Name changes: Rogue movers will often change the name of their company to avoid negative reviews and other repercussions for their actions. Especially if a company has changed their name more than once, you can almost bet that they aren’t a reliable option for your services.
    • No physical address or working phone number: A reliable moving company needs a physical location and a phone number that is actually manned by a person during business hours. If a company is missing these elements, it’s best to search for another one.

    Factors to Consider When Researching Moving Companies

    As you look through long-distance moving companies and decide on the best one for you and your needs, it’s necessary to consider a few different factors. What aspects should you think about before your relocation?

    • Reputation and Reviews: One of the most important things you should be aware of is a moving company’s reputation. If movers consistently receive positive reviews online, you can likely trust that they will be a reliable source for your moving solutions. Additionally, asking anyone you know who has used a company’s services can be a great way to gauge the quality of their services.
    • Available Services: When you’re searching for a long-distance moving company, be sure to check if they provide all the services you need. For instance, if you want a moving company that also offers packing solutions, be sure to make that a priority as you look.
    • Pricing: Creating a budget before you hire a moving company is important, as it can help you to gain a better understanding of your finances and understand any financial limitations you may have. If a moving company doesn’t fit into your budget, explore other options to ensure you find the best deal.
    • Accreditation and Affiliations: Be mindful of the various certifications and partnerships a moving company has. These can be very telling about the quality and trustworthiness of their services.

    Online Resources for Checking Moving Company Credentials

    Looking for ways to confirm that a moving company has the right credentials to confirm its legitimacy? There are a few reliable online resources that you should check ahead of booking with your long-distance movers.

    Questions to Ask a Long-Distance Moving Company

    Before you sign a contract with a moving company, you should ask a few questions to be sure they’re the right company for you and your long-distance moving needs. Discover some of the questions we suggest asking below!

    • Is this company licensed and insured?
    • How long has your company been handling long-distance moves?
    • What is the estimated timeline for the move?
    • How do you handle disputes or claims for lost or damaged items?
    • What protective measures do you take for the belongings you transport?
    • Do you have any special requirements or restrictions?

    Long Distance Movers You Can Trust

    By knowing what to avoid and what to seek while looking for a long-distance moving company, you can make your relocation a smashing success! If you need a reliable moving company in the Southeast, count on Carey Moving & Storage as your trusted movers in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee.

    With a history of over 115 years in the industry, we have the tools and know-how to simplify your move. Our expert staff is here to help you every step of the way to transform your relocation into an efficient, stress-free experience. Request a free quote online today!


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