Full-Service or DIY Movers?

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    Full-Service or DIY Movers?

    Both local and long-distance moves come with their own set of variables, challenges, and obstacles that can be easily conquered and managed with the aid and expertise of professional full-service movers. However, many might become conflicted or confused when it comes to choosing between a professional moving company and either DIY rental truck companies or portable storage providers for moving.

    Before making any decisions or going too deep into your research into either type of company, you’ll want to consider a few things to determine which is right for you and your relocation needs. From budget to labor capability, to distance of relocation, or just how much effort you want to put in at the end of the day, professional movers vs. storage containers or DIY rental companies can be tough to choose between.

    Costs of Professional Movers vs. Storage Containers

    Though portable storage containers for moving and DIY truck rental are often phrased and marketed as being worlds cheaper than using professional moving companies, you might be surprised to find that these costs are a lot more comparable than you might think.

    In addition to comparable end-of-day costs, you should also factor the amount of effort you expend on a move, as well as stress and self-labor in the final amount you consider. After all, using professional full-service movers requires nearly zero effort on your part, unless you choose to pack on your own.

    When using storage containers or DIY moving truck rentals, you’ll be not only packing on your own, but also expending the effort and labor that it takes to not only load and unload all of your household items from your old home to your new one, but in the case of DIY rentals, you’ll also be responsible for transporting all of your things as well. This can be a huge undertaking, especially for those moving over especially long distances.

    In addition to the amount of effort you have to put forth into a move when using DIY rental trucks or storage containers, the costs of using these services as opposed to professional movers add up quickly.

    On top of the labor, you’re putting forth, plus time and overall effort, you’ll also find yourself needing to shell out for packing materials, accommodations for a long journey in your moving truck (for long-distance moves!), plus fuel and the initial cost of these trucks or containers. In the end, the costs of these kinds of DIY moves can easily end up being well over $5,000 or more, not to mention the amount of time, labor, and effort you’re expending by doing all of these things by yourself.

    Benefits of Using Professional Movers

    When pursuing a DIY move or when using storage containers that require you to do all of the packing, loading, and unloading by yourself, there are also some other factors you’ll need to take into account when it comes to cost or just whether or not it’s worth it to go with these services over that of professional movers. These factors include:

    • Potential injury or accidents where you would assume all risk and responsibility
    • Safety risks for both you and your rental truck (i.e., breakdowns, getting new trucks, possible accidents, etc.)
    • Personal costs for accommodations during long-distance journeys, meals, fuel, and road tolls
    • Insurance coverage for you and the moving truck, roadside assistance protection, etc.
    • Weigh stations and interstate truck rules: Are you aware of the trucking regulations and weigh station rules for the states you’ll be passing through?

    As these considerations pile up, it’s easy to see why leaving it up to a professional moving company is the way to go. Using a full-service moving company not only saves you loads of time, labor, and effort (especially if you use both full-service packing and moving options), but you can avoid personal injury or accident liability and keep yourself safe in the process.

    One of the biggest perks to using professional movers for your relocation is that you know that you’re working with experienced movers who know not only the rules of the road, but who will be sure to treat your items with the knowledge, quality, and care that they deserve.

    There’s no doubt about it – moving can be intense. The best way to take on relocation is to use full-service moving services that will take on the heavy lifting involved in your move (literally!). Using professional movers will not only absolve you of most of the responsibility involved in a big relocation, especially for long-distance ones, but will also save you from possibly hurting yourself during the process, or having to handle a relocation on your own without the experience it takes to make things go as efficiently and smoothly as possible.

    When it comes to looking for the right professional moving company for your relocation, leave considerations for DIY truck rentals or storage containers at the door. Working with a professional, full-service moving company like Carey Moving & Storage will bring you the best in service, value, cost, and overall relocation experience.

    Our expert crews allow you to have the most dependable, safe, and straightforward move possible, while not having to worry about straining or hurting yourself or having to drive the entirety of your household items across the country safely. Not to mention, if the costs of having professionals like those at Carey Moving & Storage handle your move from start to finish even with that of doing everything on your own, why wouldn’t you have the pros take over? See what Carey Moving & Storage can do for your relocation today.