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    Cross Country Moving

    Carey Cross Country Movers

    Are you planning to relocate across the country? When embarking on a cross-country move, you’re undoubtedly excited about all the new adventures coming your way. However, the logistics and planning involved can often seem overwhelming. That is where Carey Moving & Storage comes in with premier cross-country moving services. Our specialized services are dedicated to helping our valued customers navigate the complexities of long distance moving, providing a range of solutions tailored to meet their specific needs.

    From packing and transportation to storage and unpacking, Carey’s cross country moving services offer expertise and convenience to ensure a smooth and efficient relocation process, no matter what the circumstances are. Whether you’re moving for a job, family reasons, or simply seeking a change of scenery, these services can alleviate the stress of a cross-country move and empower you to focus on the exciting opportunities that lie ahead. Interested in learning more about our highly-rated solutions? Keep reading!

    Explaining Cross-Country Moving Services

    It is easy to feel stressed about a move across the country. Not only are there countless logistics to figure out, but it can also be daunting to live in a new place so far away. Instead of worrying about all the technical aspects of your relocation, allow the experts to handle the task for you. At Carey, our team of experts is aware that these long-distance moves can be tiresome to plan and prepare for, and we offer custom tailored services to address these concerns directly. Discover the array of services we can provide for your cross-country move below!

    • One item or entire household shipment
    • Detailed inventories provided for each move
    • Guaranteed on-time pick-up and delivery dates
    • Binding and not to exceed estimates available
    • Unique numbered tagging system for all items shipped
    • Customized crating of pictures, glass, and marble
    • Blanket and plastic stretch wrapping of all furniture
    • Semi-trailers equipped with air ride suspension systems
    • Vehicle transportation services for cars, motorcycles, and boats

    With these options available to our customers, our moving professionals are confident that we can tackle your relocation goals and requirements easily. Our company has a 115-year history of providing excellence to the Southeast and beyond, and we work diligently to fulfill this reputation through our superior services!

    Factors to Consider for Cross-Country Moves

    Before you decide to relocate across the country, there are a few important elements to consider. Wondering what you should factor into your decision? Keep reading to learn more…

    • Budget: First and foremost, it is crucial to assess whether this relocation fits into your budget. Moving alone can be expensive, as all the costs can add up quickly, but depending on where you move, the cost of living may be higher. Consider what your budget looks like, and then research more about your desired area to understand the cost of living in this region. Having your finances figured out in advance will make the move a lot easier.
    • Housing Market: Ahead of relocation, be sure to assess what the housing market is like in your current city and the city you want to move to. It is important to gauge how difficult it will be to sell your current home and find a home in a new place.
    • Career and Education: If you are planning to find a new job when you move, look into the companies hiring in the area, and understand what the job market looks like in your industry. Additionally, try to gain understanding about the cost of living in the area versus what the salary for most of these jobs is. If you are looking to attend university there (or if you have school-aged children), learn more about the quality of the schools in the region as well.
    • Lifestyle: Will this area suit my interests and my daily life? This is the type of question you should ask yourself when you are planning on a major relocation. Knowing the culture of the area will help you learn more about whether it will suit your lifestyle.
    • Community: If you do not have existing social support in the region you want to move to, try to learn about the community in the area to see how easy it will be for you to make friends. Look for activities in the city and see what the neighborhood is like to discover if you will be able to find a sense of community there.

    Planning a Successful Cross-Country Move

    • Create a schedule: To stay on task and get everything done in a timely manner for your relocation, create a schedule before you do anything else. This will serve as a guide to finish your tasks and prevent you from forgetting anything from your to-do list.
    • Declutter and organize: Declutter the items you no longer want or need before you even start to pack. This will eliminate the number of items you need to pack and unpack, and it will set your new space off to a clean, organized start. Keeping everything neat and tidy throughout this process will vastly improve your move.
    • Pack strategically: As you pack your belongings, be strategic about the task. Keep items from the same room in the same box and prioritize protection for your fragile belongings. Arrange the contents of your boxes to minimize movement as much as possible.
    • Update your address: Be sure to notify all the necessary parties about your change of address. This includes the postal service, your bank, your insurance provider, your workplace, and more. Do this in a timely manner so you do not miss any important mail in the transition from one home to another.
    • Keep your essentials with you: Since a cross-country move requires a lot of travel, it’s important that you have an essentials bag with you during the trip. Anything you need daily should be kept with you, along with valuable items such as laptops or important documents.

    Cross Country Moving with Carey

    Ready for your easiest move with Carey Moving & Storage? If you’re planning a cross-country relocation and need the help of reliable interstate movers, count on Carey to provide top-tier services for your convenience. Request a quote online today!


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