Cold Weather Moving Tips

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    Cold Weather Moving Tips

    It’s the fall season with winter coming right around the corner. As a moving company, we have greater capacity and flexibility during the cold weather months because fewer people choose to move at this time. We wanted to offer our tips below to make your move smoother and easier.

    1) Turn on the Heat
    Make sure the heat in your new home is turned on before you arrive with your belongings. There is nothing more uncomfortable than moving into a new home that is the same temperature as the cold outdoors.

    2) Stay Flexible
    Know your travel plans and be ready to slow down or change them if the weather becomes an issue.

    3) Keep Everyone Safe
    Moving into a new home is always an exciting time, however, you want to keep everyone safe. Here are a few extra tips to remember when moving during the cold weather:

    • Remove the leaves around your sidewalk and driveway so movers can easily and safely navigate your belongings into your home. This will also keep your foyer cleaner.
    • Carry a car emergency kit with you that includes road flares, blankets, bottled water, flashlights, batteries and even some snacks in case you get hungry.
    • Ensure your cell phone is fully charged so you can always call for help or be reached by your movers if there is a change in plans.

    Moving during cold weather may not be ideal for everyone, but with the right preparation and people helping, the move can be less stressful. We hope these tips make moving easier for you.