Charlotte Real Estate Forecast: How to Plan Your Move Right

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    Charlotte Real Estate Forecast: How to Plan Your Move Right

    When planning a move to Charlotte in 2022, it’s important to make note of the current real estate and housing market going on in the city, and plan accordingly – especially if you’re looking to purchase a home. 

    Currently, the housing market in Charlotte isn’t red hot, but housing prices are expected to increase in 2022 due to higher demand and lowering prices. For all of the information you need to know about how to make sure your Charlotte move is affordable and the best option for you, continue reading. 

    Charlotte Housing Market Trends

    Charlotte’s real estate market is currently in its off season, and is relatively cool. There aren’t too many homes available for purchase in the current season, and buyers are holding off from purchasing. However, come Spring, experts predict home prices will lower due to the current lack of demand, and that more homes will be listed. 

    Additionally, mortgage interest rates are expected to increase throughout 2022, which would make monthly payments in turn also rise. Buyers are waiting for the right house for them – which will allow for the market to have more options, and for prices to lower due to lack of competition from existing residents. 

    For those looking to move to Charlotte from out of state however, it might be wise to keep a keen eye on housing trends to figure out when the best time is to get in on these lower prices. Demand for Charlotte housing isn’t going to lower too far, as Charlotte remains an extremely sought-after location for out-of-towners (maybe like yourself!), which keeps the market busy no matter what. 

    Planning Your Charlotte Move

    So what does this mean for prospective home buyers in the Charlotte area? There are a multitude of reasons why there’s a low inventory of homes on the market: the ongoing pandemic is making a lot of sellers hold off on putting their homes on the market due to falling prices, and because buyers remain hesitant to go to open houses or house showings. Many sellers are also waiting for an increase in demand to put their homes up for sale. 

    The housing market is also at a crossroads when it comes to luxury homes. Instead of upgrading or downsizing Charlotte residences, many luxury buyers are instead opting to buy vacation homes or second homes elsewhere, instead of buying and selling locally. 

    Charlotte city scape

    What Buyers Should Know

    If you’re looking for a home in Charlotte, it’s best to move fast, and start early in the year in your house search. It could be challenging to find a home, since there are so many up not currently up for sale. 

    Start shopping around for a few months before making offers. This will let you know how the market is moving, and let you make a more educated decision. The market usually sees its peak around May, so buying early in the year or late in the year is buyers’ best bets – especially as prices lower. 

    If you’re looking to sell your home in the current climate, it’s also recommended to list in early Spring, and make sure your home is well prepared to stand up against buyers’ heightened expectations. 

    The Bottom Line

    Overall, the 2022 Charlotte housing market is looking to be in the favor of buyers in comparison to past years due to falling prices and competition among sellers. 

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