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    Are you a realtor in Knoxville looking to offer a streamlined approach to moving for your valued clientele? As you know, delivering uncomplicated, stress-free results to clients is of the highest value in the world of real estate. That’s why the team at Carey Moving and Storage works hand in hand with realtor companies to deliver impressive results.   

    This strategic alliance aims to enrich the experience for customers, realtors, and movers alike, empowering realtors to add an extra appeal to their services and further strengthen the relationship with clients. Likewise, Carey then has the opportunity to offer unmatched convenience to our customers during their relocations. 

    Embracing a partnership with Carey Moving and Storage, an established and reputable moving company, holds the promise of a transformative real estate journey, ultimately offering benefits for all parties.

    If you’re intrigued by the prospect of this symbiotic relationship and how it could potentially enhance your realtor services, we invite you to continue reading. Discover the many reasons why Carey might be the ideal collaborator for you!   

    Established Authorities in Knoxville Relocation 

    With a legacy spanning over a century, Carey Moving and Storage has firmly solidified our reputation as a trusted authority in the moving industry.  

    Since our inception in 1907, our unwavering commitment has revolved around delivering optimal moving, packing, and storage solutions, earning us a positive relationship with the local community. We’ve fostered unwavering trust with numerous satisfied patrons through our high-quality, comprehensive solutions and a steadfast commitment to exceptional quality.

    Partnering with Carey, a brand with a trusted reputation both locally and beyond, not only enhances the standing of realtor companies but also assures clients of an exceptional standard of service throughout the entire relocation process. Who wouldn’t love to work with a realtor who also offers a streamlined experience of moving services? 

    Diverse Array of Comprehensive Services 

    Carey Moving and Storage boasts a diverse menu of services, encompassing everything from local and long-distance moves to intricate packing and secure storage solutions. This comprehensive array empowers realtor companies to cater to the multifaceted needs of their clientele, regardless of the scope or complexity of the move.   

    With a one-stop destination catering to customers’ various moving needs, clients can confidently entrust the logistics of their relocation to the care of experts, adeptly addressing every facet of the transition. Discover our broad menu of highly rated services, each designed to enhance the relocation experiences of your clients! 

    • Local moves 

    Solutions Tailored to Customers’ Needs 

    Every client is different, and that means every move will be different too. With a variety of factors playing a part in each relocation we deal with, the team at Carey understands the importance of customization in our business. This principle stands as a cornerstone not only for successful moving solutions but also for the world of real estate.    

    Through collaboration with Carey Moving and Storage, realtor companies have the opportunity to provide personalized moving solutions meticulously tailored to the specific preferences and demands of each client. This attention to detail enriches the overall experience, highlighting the realtor’s commitment to orchestrating a stress-free move for their clients.  

    Efficient Coordination and Communication 

    The synergy fostered through a partnership with Carey Moving and Storage creates a harmonized moving process, offering increasing coordination and collaboration that makes services more effective and more impressive.  

    By establishing a single point of contact for all matters pertaining to the move, communication as a whole can be streamlined to the highest level of efficiency, simultaneously preventing the potential for misunderstandings or untimely delays. As a result, realtors can channel more focus towards their core responsibilities, while Carey takes care of the technical, hands-on aspect of clients’ relocations. 

    Cultivating Client Satisfaction 

    A happy client will be your most passionate advocate. Word-of-mouth can truly make a world of difference in the moving industry! Teaming up with Carey Moving and Storage equips realtors to ensure the satisfaction of their clients even further through a seamless and stress-free moving experience.  

    Clients who leave the experience with exceeded expectations are more inclined to refer friends and family to their realtor. This ripple effect inevitably paves the way for an influx of new business opportunities for your real estate firm. 

    Current Partnerships 

    If you’re interested in learning about Carey’s current real estate partners, discover more about our valued partners below! 

    The Perfect Partnership 

    For realtors based in or around Knoxville, Tennessee, consider exploring the multitude of advantages you could experience when teaming up with Carey Moving & Storage. If you want to fortify your sales efforts and enhance the efficiency of your clients’ relocations, working with Carey might just be your key to even greater success.  

    Are you ready for expanded possibilities and enhanced solutions? Connect with us now to discover how a partnership with Carey can be a game-changer in your real estate firm!  


    Carey Moving & Storage has been selected as one of the Top 3 Finalists for 2021 Best of Spartanburg in the following category: 

    Best Moving Service Company