Carey Moving & Storage Supports St. Luke’s Cancer & Infusion Center

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    Carey Moving & Storage Supports St. Luke’s Cancer & Infusion Center

    St. Luke’s Cancer & Infusion Center is one of the organizations that Carey Moving & Storage is proud to support because we believe in giving back to the community. We are dedicated to doing our part to assist people who are affected by cancer since we recognize that it can be a devastating illness. In the paragraphs that follow, we’ll go over our collaboration with St. Luke’s Cancer & Infusion Center and how we’re advancing its goals. 

    About St. Luke’s Cancer and Infusion Center

    Cancer patients receive comprehensive care from St. Luke’s Oncology & Infusion Center, which offers supportive services, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy. The center is in North Carolina, but it serves patients from South Carolina and Tennessee as well. 

    The center’s goal is to treat cancer patients with compassion and cutting-edge therapies while raising community awareness and encouraging cancer prevention. Medical experts with extensive training work at the facility to give patients the finest treatment possible. 

    We Give Assistance to St. Luke’s Infusion and Cancer Center

    Moving may be stressful, especially for individuals receiving cancer treatment, which is why Carey Moving & Storage is here to help. We’re devoted to helping cancer patients and their families move as easy and stress-free as possible because of this. 

    We are a North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee- based moving and storage company that has long-standing ties to St. Luke’s Cancer & Infusion Center. We give the center our time, money, and resources so that they may continue to offer their patients the best possible treatment. 

    Recently, we received the wonderful news that the Tryon Daily Bulletin, a neighborhood newspaper in North Carolina, had acknowledged our work. The newspaper reports that throughout the years, our firm has made multiple kind gifts to St. Luke’s Cancer & Infusion Center, which has enabled the center to offer top-notch care to cancer patients. 

    How We Support Cancer Patients in the Moving Process

    We are aware that moving may be challenging, particularly for people who are battling illness. To help cancer patients and their families move as easy and stress-free as possible, we provide a range of services. 

    These are a few ways we assist cancer patients with their relocation: 

    • Packing and Unpacking: For patients who are too frail or exhausted to do it themselves, we offer packing and to unpack services. 
    • Storage Options: To assist patients who must keep their possessions while receiving cancer treatment, we provide secure and safe storage options.
    • Flexible Scheduling: In recognition of the unpredictable nature of cancer treatment, we provide flexible scheduling to meet the requirements of our patients.
    • Special Handling for Fragile Items: We are trained to handle fragile goods with care and are aware that some cancer patients may have delicate items that need particular treatment.
    • Donating Moving Supplies: To assist patients who cannot afford them, we provide moving goods to the facility. 

    Everyone who would like to provide their assistance in any capacity is encouraged to do so by the St. Luke’s Cancer & Infusion Center. The following suggestions are provided: 

    • Donate: To continue providing cancer patients with the finest care possible, the institution still needs financial assistance. Your contribution may have a big effect, and every little bit helps. 
    • Volunteer: The cancer center depends on volunteers for different duties like office work, fundraising, and helping patients. If you’re interested in helping them, get in touch with the St. Luke’s Cancer & Infusion Center to learn more. 
    • Spread the Word: Let your neighbors, friends, and family know about the cancer center. As more people become aware of the facility, they get more support and donations. 

    Carey Moving & Storage believes in helping our community, and our partnership with St. Luke’s Cancer & Infusion Center is just one way we do this. We aim to reduce as much stress as we can for cancer patients who are going through a move by providing a wide range of moving services. 

    Our partnership with St. Luke’s Cancer & Infusion Center and their commitment to providing top-notch care and support for cancer patients make us proud. Call us or visit our website if you are moving and in need of any help, or if you wish to discover how you can support the center. Together, we have the confidence to positively touch the lives of those affected by cancer and help them on their recovery journey.