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Carey Moving & Storage Participates in Wreaths Across America

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    Carey Moving & Storage Participates in Wreaths Across America

    Carey Moving & Storage is proud to participate in the annual Wreaths Across America event, which allows for the delivery of wreaths to honor veterans across the country and overseas.

    Carey Moving & Storage is proud to participate again in this yearly event alongside nearly 390 different carriers to transport over 500 truckloads of wreaths to over 3,000 participating locations throughout the country and abroad, including Arlington National Cemetery.

    As a part of the Wreaths Across America tribute, the organization proudly highlights the work of Carey Moving & Storage owner/operator Justin Schott, who has been involved with Wreaths Across America since 2015.

    Schott makes as many as 13 stops every year, ranging from Georgia to Pennsylvania to West Virginia. He describes the growth of the organization since he began working with them, discussing how “Everything was super small at Wreaths. We didn’t have all of the other buildings that are there now. In the last couple of years, it’s gotten so big, and it’s organized and simple to get in and out now. We’ve got great docks to load our trucks, and you give us everything we need, from food to showers and a place to do laundry. It’s become a massive operation.”

    Carey Moving & Storage is proud to have such an amazing team who goes above and beyond to volunteer and give back to our country’s veterans and community. This holiday season, it’s more important than ever to give back to those who have served and sacrificed, and we continue to do everything we can to do so. Happy holidays!

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